Beginning marathon training

By tweeting, I won a free marathon training program from JackRabbit! I had played around with the idea of training for a full marathon. I’ve done 4 half-marathons but I wasn’t sure if I could train for a full one. To me, winning the free training program meant it was a sign that I should do a marathon. I decided on the Philadelphia Marathon since I had lots of time to prepare and it was also nearby.

Training for my 1st half last fall was torturous. I did too much too soon. I ended up getting injured but ended up running the half and finishing (yay!). However, the time was terrible. I did 3 more this past spring and progressively got faster with each one. It’s amazing because I did the absolute minimum of running. 

3/17/13 NYC Half Marathon medal
4/29/13 Nike Women’s Half in DC
5/17/13 Brooklyn Half
Back to marathon training, in person classes are held twice a week – on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. So far, I’ve finished 3 workouts with them. Here’s how the past week or so has looked like:
Week 1
  • Monday 7/15 – mat pilates
  • Tuesday 7/16 – first day of class! It started with a 5 mile run, which doesn’t sound that bad. Except if I didn’t do much running since the Brooklyn Half (only ran the Women’s Mini 10K and the Pride 5 miler both of which are in Central Park). Therefore, I was crazy sore the next day. It didn’t help that it was 90 degrees that evening.
  • Wednesday 7/17 – more mat pilates! need to work on my core strength
  • Thursday 7/18 – 1 mile in the AM, and 3 miles at 10pm – it was just too hot last week so I attempted 3 miles Thursday morning but it just did not happen so after going to happy hour with the coworkers, I went for a sweaty, gross 3 mile run
  • Friday 7/19 – rest day!!! 
  • Saturday 7/20 – 8 miles – I finished, I was one of the last to finish but I did it. That literally was the longest run I’ve done since the Brooklyn Half in May.
  • Sunday 7/21 – 10k – I finished but I basically jogged that whole thing and stopped a few times, which I never really do during the race but I was just so tired. It was out in Flushing which meant I left my apartment an hour and half before the race started but really that 8 miles the day before killed me.
Week 2
  • Monday 7/22 – some weights & yoga: I haven’t done yoga in months! I think the last time I did yoga was this past fall. I know I need to work on stretching and flexibility but I hate doing it. Either way I paid for it. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling like I got hit by a car. 
  • Tuesday 7/23 – 5ish miles of hill repeats: I was dreading these hill repeats but I had more energy than I thought. Basically the workout consisted of warm up down this very long hill, run up the hill 2x, recovery run, run up 2x then cool down. It doesn’t sound bad but hills suck. Yes, it makes you stronger but those are the one thing I don’t miss from all the crew/rowing days.
The plan for the rest of the week: 10 miles on Saturday, 3 mile recovery run on Sunday. As for the other 2 homework runs (I’m supposed to be running 5x a week which is a lot for me). I’ll try to get runs in tomorrow and Thursday but I’m hoping to go to spin class and pilates as well. My knee doesn’t hurt so much but it just feels week. My right knee shakes sometimes and it gave me some trouble in the beginning of half-marathon training but it was fine afterwards.

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