Come to the dark side, we have cookies!

I saw that saying^^^ on some guy’s t-shirt on the train and it made me laugh.

So far, I haven’t noticed being more hungry than normal (well from the running at least). I most definitely eat more because I know I need the energy and I should probably eat more carbs (which I haven’t really done and felt sluggish during yesterday’s run).

However, Monday began Restaurant Week in NYC. And it’s taking real willpower NOT to make a reservation for everyday of RW (which btw is really 3 weeks). I eat mostly healthy during the week but it’s the weekends that kill me – especially when I go home upstate and my parents cook me all the pork spare ribs, chicken, and hot dogs I want! Yes, I’ve had all of that numerous times this weekend. However, I don’t really buy and cook meat all that often (read: too expensive, too time consuming) 

Workout this past week:

Monday  vinyasa yoga

Tuesday – despite being crazy sore from yoga on Monday, we ran 4x hill repeats in Prospect Park – surprisingly not as bad as I had expected (why only 4? Well if you know the park, you know how LONNNNGGGGG their largest hill is so basically it’s a never ending hill). Anyways, I felt good throughout it.

Wednesday – mat pilates

Lunch time = kale salad & some noodles

Thursday – went to SoulCycle! I absolutely adore Charlee who’s by far my favorite spin instructor. Weirdly enough by legs were sore going into class and obviously very tired afterwards.

Ahhh how did that get there?! Doesn’t help my coworkers keep bags of candy around & I’m prone to stress eating!

Friday – complete and total rest day!

Saturday – 9.1 miles? It was supposed to be 10miles but the planned route the training group was supposed to run was blocked off in the middle of it. A tree fell on this guy! I saw the tree later on in my run, and holy crap it was a huge tree that looked healthy. They were also cleaning up all the blood as well since there was a 5k starting right where it happened.
 Post run bagel & gatorade

 Went upstate after the morning’s run for the weekend, blueberry picking time!

 So delicious and fresh! 

Post blueberry picking frozen banana! Kinda healthy right?

Sunday-nada – it’s been I got all dressed up to go running and I didn’t realize it was pouring out. It’s currently still raining. However, it wasn’t raining during brunch – go figure. 

Unlimited breakfast brunch buffet – this is how I do “healthy” 😉 
View from the restaurant

My running homework this week was supposed to be 3 additional runs for a total mileage of between 9-18miles outside of the training group workouts….which I definitely did not do. I think I needed my legs to rest a bit. Those hill repeats killed my legs for the rest of the week.

Lastly, the training program I’m following calls for 2 20milers. I’ve seen beginner marathon training programs online and they all call for one 20 miler.

Would 2 be overkill for a newbie like me? Isn’t that overkill for any marathoner (who isn’t a professional)?

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