All the sexy things: blister popping & stress eating

Week 3 of marathon training!

Two things I learned this week: 1) ripping the skin off after popping a blister is a bad idea and 2) juggling life and marathon training is a challenge

Despite all my planning and “can-do” attitude, I failed at getting my speed workout in and ended up taking 1 unscheduled rest day. 
Mon- 4 miles & 60 leg lunges
Tues- fail & couldn’t make it to group run 
Weds- 4 miles
Thurs – fail
Fri -fail
Sat – 12 miles
Sun – 3.6 miles
I can forgive myself for 2 days off but not 3. I had a hearing on Friday (where I went in front of a Judge  to represent my client) so needless to say, I was stressed and busy. 
Also there had been some scheduled happy hours for this past week – 3 to be exact. It’s really a damper on my training. Even when I try to run before work/happy hour. 
I planned on going running Thursday evening. I especially needed it after Wednesday’s engagement celebration dinner. My college friend just got engaged to his boyfriend! So we needed to celebrate with drinks and lots of Italian food plus I hadn’t seen these friends since college. However it was raining Thursday evening so even though I went to happy hour, loaded up on some free appetizers and didn’t drink, I couldn’t get my run in.
Also instead of running I decided it was a great idea to have a burger and fries. My typical pre-hearing stress eating meal. It used to be Chipotle burritos but no longer because I found a hair in my burrito…..
Despite eating chocolates, tacos and guac and chips Friday evening, I was fine for the 12 mile run the next day. I usually try to eat healthy before a long run to keep my tummy in check but no problems.  
Overall, the 12 mile run wasn’t bad. This was the first run in double digits since May and luckily didn’t wake up this morning (Sunday) feeling sore at all. Then again, the coach told me I should be running a little bit faster because I wasn’t even sweating (or maybe looking like I tried?!) Then again, the weather was good – a little more humid than this past week but still cooler than a few weeks ago. 
Also, my heels I wore to my hearing Friday started to give me blisters and the run Saturday actually did. Popped it like a pro and let it dry and heal. However totally ripped the skin off and now it hurts. However, I really couldn’t stand the look of dead skin. 
After a quick nap post 12 miles, we headed to the Hester Street Fair for the Filipino pig roast going on.

It wasn’t quite ready so we went to brunch and even though I planned on roast pork and noodles – I had this before having the planned roast pork and noodles! 
Pork belly, eggs, and potatoes – mimosa not pictured! At Spitzer’s Corner.
We finally went back and my sister met up with us. We watched the balut eating contest. FYI balut is fertilized duck egg and it’s gross. Not a fan at all. But it was fun watching.

The aftermath of the Balut eating contest – ugh gross!

Even though at times I find trying to balance training and life a challenge – I’m used to it. In high school, I always had a crew race on the weekends so I could never hangout with my non-crew friends. In college, it was the same deal plus no drinking a week before a race. Oh and those 5am morning practices 5 days a week. I guess this week has just been a reminder of all of that. 
The sad thing is – in high school and in college, I had close friends on the team. I love the running program I’m in and everyone is nice but I’m not close with any of them. Even though it’s probably the closest thing I’ll get to having people run with me on the regular. 
Any tips for getting friends to join in on the running fun? Combining training & life? 

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