Fatigue and spam fries

Week 4 of marathon training is over! Oddly enough I’ve been exhausted this week:

Tuesday – unscheduled rest
Wednesday – weights & treadmill
Thursday – 15 minutes on the treadmill & 45 min kettleball class
Friday – rest
Saturday – 10 miles
Sunday – 5miles

It’s feels so far away!

After work on Monday and Friday, I just fell asleep for several hours. Full blown exhausted – I don’t usually take naps ever unless it’s on the weekend and I went for a long run in the am. I’m not sure what it was – I didn’t have a hearing this week so none of that stress.

I would say I didn’t eat terrible this week so that didn’t cause the fatigue. Although all the food I ate last weekend probably accounted for Monday.

However, for the second weekend in a row, I had filipino food. I went out with my college friend and her boyfriend (who are both filipino) and my boyfriend (who’s not). What I had yesterday:
-fried spam (yes, fried spam! it was delicious!)
-chicken bbq
-pork eggrolls
-arroz caldo (rice chicken soup)
and filipino fried chicken and ube waffles

The arroz caldo was probably the most healthy thing I ate at dinner. Somehow the conversation while chowing down turned to: this is really not healthy and how we were trying to get our parents to eat healthy since they all have high blood pressure and cholesterol. All the delicious things are so unhealthy! It’s not fair!

So glad tonight’s #RunChat was about nutrition. I really don’t have an eating strategy other than don’t eat things that will upset my stomach on a long run or eat junk before a long run or race. Surprisingly, that keeps me healthy most of the time. Although this summer I’ve had a nonstop craving for BBQ and picnic food like potato chips or burgers!

What I ate 2 hours before today’s 5 mile run – kale salad, nectarine, and potato chips! 

My goal this week for week 5 of training is to record all of my food using MyFitnessPal, which I haven’t used in a while (like last winter?). I usually can get myself to use it for 3 days at the most and then the weekend comes and it just goes out the window.

What’s your goal for this week? Healthy eating tips for foodies? 

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