Older but not wiser – bad habits die hard

Bad habit #1 – nutrition
Ex-bad habit – following through with races & workouts – and yes, I say ex because for the most part it’s broken.

So far – week 5 of marathon training has looked like this:

Mon – cardio sculpt class
Tues – 5 mile run (marathon pace first half then half-marathon pace or faster 2nd half)
Weds – 4 mile run
Thurs – REST!

Bad habits die hard
When I saw Tuesday’s group run on the message board, my initial thought was “that isn’t bad.” So I proceeded to get a small portion of chinese food (sesame chicken, beef chow fun [noodles] and dumplings) to go with my kale salad for Tuesday’s lunch. In my defense, I had a hearing of sorts to prepare for the next day and I only brought kale to work (& I needed carbs & protein!).

It was a terrible justification. I only ate $4 worth of Chinese food (this is NYC we’re talking about so you know it wasn’t all that much). Yet I just felt so sluggish during the run – no energy whatsoever. I was looking forward to running with the group and seeing people after missing last week’s group runs.

I’ve learned the hard way since high school that what I digest will most definitely affect my performance but I still do it anyways. In high school, it would be ice cream before crew practice (terrible idea). In college, it would be going out Tuesday and Thursday nights before a 5am morning practice (worst idea ever).

My job was coxswain but I still did all the land workouts!

It’s a challenge to be training so much because I have to constantly thinking about what I’m eating and drinking. So far I’ve kept on track of actually recording my meals on MyFitnessPal but that hasn’t stopped me from eating that Chinese food. It’s a constant battle of what’s cheap, what’s available and what I should actually be eating.

bad habits can be broken….
Right after college, I moved to Boston and my two coworkers decided to sign up for Boston’s Run to Remember held every May. I decided to sign up for that half-marathon in March of 2010….
Except when did I do my first half?
Oh right, I did my first half in October 2012. 
So for two and half years I had been planning on running a half-marathon but failed to follow through the first time. I did the same thing again the year later in 2011 – signed up for a few NYRR races (4 & 5 milers) and never ran them. I even got a NYRR membership in February 2012 and didn’t do my first official NYRR race until October 2012. 
Seriously, I want to kick myself for all that money I wasted!
In some respects I can see why I didn’t do those races. It’s hard to motivate yourself when…well it’s just yourself. I’m slowly getting some of my close friends to join me for races but it’s like pulling teeth. On Monday, I was most definitely missing my crew days – having friends working out with me. Seeing the women in my class with their friends reminded me of all the fun I had bonding over a tough practice with my crew team.
Sometimes it outright sucks working out alone. Other times, I love the peacefulness of running by myself. 
I’m just a constant work in progress. 
Tips for pre-run nutrition? Working out alone? Does anyone else feel like they’re the only ones trying to be healthy in their friend/family group?

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