Battling Brooklyn’s 14 miles

The rest of week 5 of Philadelphia Marathon training looked like this:

Fri – rest
Sat – 14 miles with the training group
Sun – 1 mile & 45 minutes of SoulCycle

Food for the week – Trader Joe’s pancake mix but threw in bananas, protein powder & blueberries

Saturday’s 14 miles included lots of random loops of the park.

The good

  • Mental – Throughout the run, mentally I felt really good! I didn’t feel like I wanted to quit or not do it. 
  • GU! So glad I bought some delicious flavors this past week. Chocolate one is amazing!!!
  • I totally finished 14 miles! 

The bad

  • Right hip pain – Half way through it, I felt my right up just flare up with pain. I stopped a few times after that to loosen up my hip. It sorta helped.
  • Legs – I took 2 straight days off and my legs still felt heavy and tired. 
  • Hunger! – Very odd because I’m never hungry during any run. I took 2 GU’s at miles 5 and 10 but seriously, I could have eaten a bagel and some steak. It did nothing for me. Also, I ate part of a banana and some cereal before the run which is my usual pre-run eating pattern.
 It was almost healthy – apple cider donuts & blueberries (from farmer’s market), egg whites, and sausage roll from an Austrialian pie place!

Post run I took a nap in my new bed after eating this amazing brunch below. I woke up all out of it and dehydrated and rested for the rest of the afternoon before heading out for the evening. 

This morning (Sunday) I got up bright and early to volunteer for JackRabbit’s Battle of Brooklyn which is 10 miles in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. I volunteered last year and it may or may not have inspired me to sign up for a half marathon (considering I signed up for my 1st half 2 weeks later).

I ran to the start/registration and back to my apartment. It was less than an mile yet I felt heavy. Not so much sore because I took advil before going to bed the night before but just lethargic and achy.

Either way – I love being at races or sporting events. This was no exception. The best thing about volunteering for JackRabbit is the store credit you get. I volunteered for 5 hours and got $50 in store credit to spend! Still deciding if I want to splurge on shoes or a pace/gps watch. Decisions, decisions!

After taking two naps, I went to SoulCycle. I’m glad I didn’t do a run because I don’t think I could have handled it. Even though SC is intense and uses a lot of legs it also works my core and arms and I need to do more strength training!

Whoa – can’t believe week 6 of training starts tomorrow!!! Philadelphia here I come!

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