It’s only week 6?

A week ago I decided to at least keep track of what I ate through MyFitnessPal. Surprisingly I had survived and did it for the full week. I’ve had the app on my iPhone for a year and half and have never kept track for more than a day or two at a time. So this is a surprise!

DailyMile’s weekly summary – 24 miles last week…not too shabby

This begins week 6 of Philly Marathon training and….seriously guys, we’re only on week 6? I did 14 miles on Saturday and it feels like I should be closer to the marathon than I am. It cannot be three months away – too far away! 

Goals for the week: 
1) keep track of eats again
2) yoga 1x this week  
3) Weigh in – the last time I weighed myself was the morning of the 1st day of training over a month ago & not going to lie – I’m terrified of marathon weight gain so hence #1 (see above)
4) strength train – honestly I’ve gotten terrible at this, it wasn’t bad when I was training for my halfs but all this mileage…who has the time for it!

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