Week 7 done!

Week 7 of training is completed!

Mon- 4 miles
Tues- 3.5 miles
Weds – went to the gym and did the elliptical, kept it easy for Thursday’s run
Thurs- 16 miles! Honestly, that really and truly sucked!
Fri – rest day but did some stretching and yoga
Sat – an hour at the gym on the elliptical and weights
Sun – Soulcycle with my favorite instructor, Charlee! Sadly this was probably my last class with her since she’s moving to LA.

Also had nothing to do after brunch so I went to the gym for 2 hours = elliptical, stairmaster, weights, foam rolling, etc.

Total mileage = 23.5 miles
Total miles for August = 103!

I hated Tuesday’s run. I went upstate to my parent’s house for a few days and I’m severely allergic to the dogs. So I woke up at 6am, not able to breathe (asthmatic) . After two hours, I went out for a run in the humidity, was planning on 5 miles but struggled through 3.5. Later that day, I went to the park for a walk but my normal breathing didn’t return until I got home Wednesday.

Vanderbilt Park in Hyde Park, NY

The 16 mile run was also painful. I started off well but hit a wall at mile 10 and it went downhill after that. Took some walk breaks, drank lots of water. It didn’t help that it was 90% humidity and the sun eventually came out. Also Prospect Park is incredibly hilly.

I took 2 advil Thursday night and was fine the next morning. However my right hip was tight throughout the run and afterwards. I really should do more stretching and yoga.

#MondayMotivation goals

  1. Yoga 1x
  2. MyFitnessPal – fell off the wagon this weekend, didn’t record on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or today so I need to get back on it.
  3. Strength training 2x

Here’s to week 8 of training!

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