Running around in circles and hating it

Not sure how I let a whole month go by without posting. I feel completely busy but unaccomplished. I feel like I’ve been running around in circles (well I did do 4 5 mile loops = 20miles on Saturday).

The Philly Marathon is exactly 6.5 weeks away and I’m…over it. I’m not even burnt out. I’m an incredibly impatient person so 18 weeks of training is not only physically painful but mentally as well…as in the “can we get this over with already?” I JUST WANT TO DO IT ALREADY. I guess I’m just really anxious. I also don’t feel like I’m going anywhere – I’m not getting faster, not getting in shape, I’m just kinda existing in the marathon training program. I guess that’s what happens when my only goal is to actually get to the start line and finish the marathon.

Source: Someecards

September always really feels busy. Because of that I’ve ended up taking more rest days than I should have then again, I had a terrible cold during a week that I had a last minute hearing with a type of case I’ve never handled before. As for the good stuff: two wine festivals, both my parent’s birthdays, and two yelp events (aka I’ve just been doing a lot of eating in addition to working or running).

 Kugel & beef = delicious
A “Cuppie” = a cookie + cupcake

I’m not sure how to motivate myself better during this training period. I’m feeling kinda sluggish but the middle of my runs, I usually feel just “blah.”  I’m hoping the adrenaline kicks in soon and gets me excited for this marathon and the rest of training. My 1st 20 miler and 18 miler felt good plus the 13 miler a few weeks.  However just like my 1st 16 miles, my 2nd wasn’t much better. I stopped more than a few times. 
week 8 (9/2 – 9/8)
mon – rest
tues –  8 miles (hill repeats = sad times)
weds – 45 mins of soulcycle
thurs – rest
fri – an hour of weights at the gym
sat – 13 miles
sun – rest

week 9 (9/9 – 9/15)
mon – rest
tues – spin class
weds – rest
thurs – rest
fri – gym workout
sat – 18 miles (good run despite my terrible cold)
sun – rest
week 10 (9/16- 9/22)
mon – 2 miles
tues – 45 minute spin class in lieu of marathon group work out
weds – rest
thurs – rest
fri – rest
sat – 16 miles 
sun – rest
week 11 (9/23-9/29)
mon – rest
tues – speed workout of 8 miles
weds – 45 mins of soulcycle
thurs – rest
fri – 40 mins of elliptical and lots of weights (20 mins) =60 mins at the gym
sat – 20 miles
sun – sunday funday and watched the Giants game (they lost 😦 ) 

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