4 weeks & counting

The Philadelphia Marathon is exactly 4 weeks from today! I’m ready to start tapering but I can’t start until after this weekend.

I did a half marathon 2 weeks ago and it went terribly. Half marathon #5 was slower than my last three. It was Grete’s Half in Central Park and it was hilly and 90% humidity. Right after I was already sore and when I woke up the next day my left hamstring was hurting. It went away after a few days.

Last weekend, I had to go upstate to my college for alumni homecoming and since I’m on the board for the alumni association, I was way to busy with tailgate and meetings to actually go running. So last week between work, hamstring pain, and going upstate, I just didn’t have the time. I also really didn’t want to go running. Last weekend was filled with food and wine. I ended up going to the finger lakes for a wine tour since we were right in the area.

3rd & final stop of our wine tour – dessert at Americana Winery! The Finger Lakes are amazing! 
 I obviously ended up doing some outdoorsy things which include a hike through my college’s nature preserve.

Ithaca – highest waterfalls in the country
I’m glad for my self imposed break because I felt ready to get back into running. Since I’m not doing NYC like the rest of my training group, I definitely didn’t feel guilty. I also feel better physically and mentally – definitely felt burnout pre-break. I ended up running 18 miles yesterday 15 of which I kept up with some of the ladies in my group (which FYI never happens). It was pretty fast  – faster than even my goal marathon pace. I do have some right hamstring pain but it didn’t bother me too much during today’s 4 mile run. 
I’m planning on doing a long run of 20 miles this week, start taper then 16 miles the week after and 8 miles after that. Very ready to be done and get my weekends back! 

week 12 (9/30 – 10/6)
mon- rest
tues- rest
weds- 3 miles
thurs- 45 min spin class
fri- 45 min spin class
sat- rest
sun – 13.1 miles

week 13 (10/7 – 10/13)

mon- rest
tues- barre burn
weds- rest
thurs- weights and elliptical at the gym
fri- rest
sat- does hiking count?
sun – rest

week 14 (10/14 – 10/20)

mon- rest 
tues- 3 miles
weds- 45 min terracycle spin class
thurs- 3 miles
fri- 45 mins elliptical
sat- 18 miles
sun – 4 miles

total miles = 28 miles

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