Zombies, cookie butter and taper time – oh my!

Technically, the cookie butter came first! 
 Trader Joe’s makes some addictive stuff and my roommate bought some of this last week. There is no more left. She ate half of it…then I ate half of it. It was a stressful week. 
But so much fun!
I ended up winning tickets to Run For Your Lives from Yelp this week! It’s a 5k fun run obstacle race. I originally had a 18-20 mile run planned for Saturday but I ended up bumping the long run to Sunday…after the 5k. 
When I say 18-20 miles, I say that because I was given a modified training plan as everyone in my training group is training for NYC and I’m doing Philly, which is two weeks later. And since I’m running at a slow pace (originally my goal was to do the marathon at a 10:30 pace but I’ve been training at 11:30+ which is more reasonable), I was told to do either 18miles or 3:30 whichever came first. So I did maybe 17 miles? Maybe. But definitely 3 hours and 30 minutes of running in Central Park. 

 Zombie fun. 
 Found this in the parking lot so of course, I had to take a pic. 

I did the Poland Spring 5 miler and just kept running to do my long run. It was nice having water and bathrooms around. Not so nice having all those hills.

Mon– cardio sculpt class
Tues- rest
Thurs- ran 4 miles
Fri– 45 minute spin class & weights
Sat– 5k obstacle race, which being chased by zombies was a lot more work than I realized. Also, great interval training – running then sprinting when seeing a zombie
Sun– 3hrs and 30 minutes of running including the 5 mile poland spring run!

I’m so glad to be in taper mode. My legs are killing me. 3 weeks to Philly! And even though I’m not doing NYC, I’m weirdly excited to be volunteering for the race. I’m doing bib pick up this Saturday. After I do that, I am in for the 2014 NYC Marathon! Speaking of which, I already got my credits to do the NYC Half so I just need to sign up (just waiting for pay day 😉

Now that I’m in taper time, I’m going to do two things:
1) Use myfitnesspal to track food – I’ve been eating all the carbs everything the past few weeks. Now that I should be backing off my long runs, I need to dial back my junk food consumption.

2) Do more abs and arms strength training. I know I know, I’m not supposed to be doing a lot of strength training but I feel like I’ve neglected my abs and arms. My legs are jacked. Someone at work made a comment about my calf muscles…and my sister made that comment weeks ago. Either way other than my legs, I feel like everything else just got ignored in training. I used to do a lot of strength training and the more running I started to do, I just sorta stopped.

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