Tapering = a preview of freedom!

The weather feels like it’s almost Christmas but it’s definitely not. Someone should have told the Empire State Building that.

week 16 (10/28 – 11/3)
Mon – weights, weights, stairs at the gym for an hour

Tues – last run with the training group, ended up running 4 miles with the group and 2 by myself

Weds – weights, weights, and elliptical an hour before going to a marathon meeting. At this meeting, I learned two things: “if you like it, lube it” & “it’s not about where you’re are, it’s about where you’re going”

All I learned that I really should invest in bodyglide because everything will chafe in 26.2 miles and yes, I need to stop looking down when I run (apparently it makes you hunch over a lot more than I realized). I proceeded to buy bodyglide and some ear warmers (thanks 10% discount!)

Thurs – halloween!

Fri – rest

Sat – 10 miles as it was all I could get in before volunteering for the NYC marathon

Sun – hiking/aka rock climbing – legs were burning the whole way through. we hiked for about 4 hours.

week 17 (11/4 – 11/10)
Mon – Gym time for an hour, lots of elliptical, treadmill and stairmastering. Plus weights of course.

Tues – I had the day off (thanks election day!) so I took a 45 minute spin class in the morning, hung out in Barnes and Noble til noon then went back for a 45 min cardio sculpt class. Then in the evening went to strength training class for an hour. By the end of the day, my quads were burning.

Weds – hungout on the elliptical for 45 minutes plus a 20 min run on the treadmill

Thurs – Tried an erging class at Brooklyn Crew. Loved chatting with ex-rowers. I have a love hate relationship with the erg (a dynamic erg to boot!)….love skinny jeans and ripped shoulders, HATE blood blisters and calluses. My hands are gross.

Fri– cardio class – think bootcamp style for an hour

Sat- 7 miles

Sun – Had some running and pilates planned but that didn’t happen

WEEK 18 GO CRAZY or not
Mon – 55 min strength training class at Uplift Studios

Tues – rest

Weds – rest

My plan for the rest of the week is going for a short run (2-3 slow miles) tomorrow and Saturday. I also have my first personal training session tomorrow. I’ve heard a lot about Uplift Studios so I had to try them. I also had to try Brooklyn Crew last week as well. Both of which offer discount classes for 1st timers, which I took advantage of.

Side note BC review: erging is a great workout & I loved their studio but unless I really, really, really need to drop a whole lot of water weight in a short amount of time, I don’t think I can dish out $38 per class for it. It’s also out of my way.

As for Uplift Studios, I LOVE the whole all female fitness vibe. I definitely feel a lot more comfortable. Also the classes are super small (sometimes 5-10 ladies versus 30 at equinox).

My gym membership commitment is coming to a close in a few weeks and I’m trying to figure out a new game plan. I rarely used my membership during the summer and during marathon training but I went to the gym almost everyday last winter.  I hate the pay per class idea (especially in NYC where boutique classes can cost $30+) but I like the idea of just buying when I can and not being committed to it. I’m thinking I should just get a personal trainer, take a boutique class once in a while in addition to running (officially signed up for the NYC Half on 3/16 and the Miami Half on 2/2/14)! I want a new PR!

Since I’m trying to figure it out for post-marathon life, I also bought a classivity pass to try 10 classes at 10 different gyms for $49.

I should probably stop thinking of my post marathon life (THAT LIFE JUST LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH MORE FUN!) and focus on the fact that I will be running the most amount of miles I have ever run on Sunday!

I’m excited to do this and to be done with training until next fall 🙂

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