Doing everything wrong & nothing right.

The Final Prep

Despite all the training, I probably did three things wrong. I barely had time to get in some short “stay loose” runs last week, I met with a personal trainer on Thursday before the marathon, and the sleep deprivation. I had a hearing last week and the week before and typically I’m just super crazed whenever I have one. Something ALWAYS comes up last minute. It seems that no matter how much work I do months prior, something always comes up that throws a wrench in my game plan.
I guess hearing prep and marathon prep have that in common.
Because of everything, I just was an anxious mess. I barely sleep last Wednesday through the weekend.     I went to my 1st personal training session and we focused on glutes and lots of back and core work, trying to keep it light on the legs. I was slightly sore Friday morning but fine by Saturday.

Speaking of Friday morning, I saw that NYRR started a fundraising team through Crowdrise for the Philippines and they were matching donations up to $26,200. Last weekend, I had been looking at Crowdrise to start a fundraising team but didn’t see anything on it. No teams to join. Of course, I could have set up one myself but I guess I worried about no one giving and it not looking “legit” enough. I always found charity fundraising to be tough so I just gave up on the idea….although not completely.
As soon as I saw NYRR’s team, I set up my fundraising page even though it was 9am and I had to get to work. I just had to do it – it had the backing of a huge organization and donations were being matched. By the end of the day Friday, I already had $400+ in donations. Most of which were donated before NYRR stopped matching so maximum impact for donors! (Just in case: here’s my fundraising page)
Back to the running, Saturday morning I went for a 2 mile jog then came back to yet more donations! I headed off to Philly and met my mom at Penn Station to catch the 12pm train. After we got settled in at the hotel, which amazingly enough gave me, my mom, and my friend, Melissa, free drinks, cookies, and breakfast all weekend, I went to go pick up our bibs. The expo was crazy packed which I was surprised about considering it was the last day of the expo and it was late. It was 3pm when I got there and it closed at 5. Philly Marathon swag included a 26.2 sticker, a bag, and a shirt. 
I also got presents from my friend’s mom! A thank you for getting her daughter into running! So glad I got these, I’ve been looking for a base layer and some running gloves!

The Marathon
Woke up at 4:45am, finally left the hotel after picking up some “race food” to-go bag in the lobby. It was just granola bars, a banana and water. We walked to the start. I was wearing a long sleeve cotton shirt on top of my tank and lululemon crops. 10 minutes into the walk, I was already warm.

It seemed more casual of a vibe than other races. People were sitting on the ground hanging out. No rush to get into corrals at all. Bathroom lines at the start were ridiculous. After running into my roommate, the 3 of us waited online for about an HOUR. No big deal. Got into the corrals at about 7:15am.

After getting to slap the Mayor of Philly’s hand, I was off at 7:31am.

Miles 1-7 weren’t bad at all. I saw the flag of the Philippines within the first few feet of the race. That kept me focused on the goal. So many people had donated already. I kept pace with the 5:00 hr marathon pace group, saw my mom at mile 6, and ran with my friend for most of that time. My stomach was getting a little iffy towards mile 7. We hit that crazy hill before Drexel’s frat houses and she sprinted up and left. It was weird thinking, wow she’s almost done and I have 20 more miles to go.

Miles 7-10 kept with the 5:00hr pace group and lost them when the gel stations hit right before mile 10

Mile 10-13 had to stop, finally gave in and jumped on the port potty line. Probably took 15 minutes offmy time.

Mile 13-16 I was feeling good, running next to the Scyulkill and boathouse row. So many good crew/rowing memories from high school and college. My left foot was starting to bother me a bit.

Mile 17-18 HELLO WALL! You know how people talk about hitting the “wall” at mile 20, well that wall came early. I was just feeling fine then BAM, soreness came on, my foot was screaming, it was HOT! When I started the race at 7:30am, it was about 54 degrees, it was about 65 degrees when I finished. That portion of the course had some shade but not enough. Did some run/walking.

Miles 19-21 Just not having it. I was in so much pain at that point. The course was boring me. It was hot hot hot. My clothes were annoying me at this point, that bodyglide did nothing for me. My stomach wasn’t  having it either. I was sick from taking so much GU and gatorade even though I had a lot of it during training. I was incredibly nauseous.

Mile 22-24 I joined the 5:30 pace group. The leader was using a run/walk approach and talking us through it. Telling us to imagine the medal, etc. It was helpful. I finally felt like I got back into gear. Except the leader had to drop off and someone took over for him. As soon as he stopped, so did I. Right around mile 24, I took my phone out and turned airplane mode off (texts, etc that buzz annoy me). I checked my email and saw that a few people had donated that morning. Including one that I didn’t expect to and had just gone through a really traumatic event a few weeks ago. I put my phone away and just started running AND CRYING. Not sure if that set me off or just everything together but I was definitely crying for a good mile until mile 25 when I saw way more spectators again.

mile 25-26 Eventually I stopped crying approaching mile 26 and had caught back up with the 5:30 group. I had sprinted the very end and passed the pace group. Finished at 5:32.

I was upset during the race since I was right on pace for a 5 hours (and maybe a 4:45 finish) and just failed. I told everyone outloud that I had no expectations since I really don’t know what I’d run it in. Partially true but I did hope to finish under 5 hours. I definitely think I can break 5 or 4:45 knowing that I struggled through it once.

RACE RECAP: strong, stomach issues, strong again, wall, run/walking, crying, run, sprint, then DONE.

On a positive note:  I’ve raised over $1,000 for UNICEF & Haiyan victims since Friday! Hooray!

Flag of the Philippines flying at the start/finish!

Pretty medals  – the gold one is the marathon medal, the silver is half medal

Random note: finally got my +1 credit added to myNYRR account – NYC Marathon 2014 here I come!

I’m pretty sure I have plantar fasciitis since my left heel is hurting and it’s just too painful to walk. The post marathon soreness otherwise is fine. I did some yoga today and got a massage but I’m just not sure how to fix my heel. Apparently I need to have less tight of calves. 

4 thoughts on “Doing everything wrong & nothing right.

  1. Congrats on finishing! It sounds like you learned a lot from the race and are ready to tackle another one!

    Does the heel pain extend through your foot? I had some trouble with PF earlier this year and stretching and hip strengthening helped me. Modifying your activity can help as well and maybe switching shoes. Try rolling out your calfs to see if that helps loosen them. Hope that helps!


  2. Thanks!

    The heel pain is in the left foot on what feels like the left, to middle of my foot. I've started icing my foot today and that's helping a bit. Did some yoga yesterday to just stay limber. Hope to foam roll soon when I get to the gym!


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