Recovery? What is recovery?

It’s been a week since I ran my 1st marathon. I’ve raised over $1000 for Haiyan/Yolanda victims. I got diagnosed with tendonitis. I went to my 1st yoga class in…um a year? I went to my 1st workout & wine event at Uplift Studios. Also went to Well+Good’s fitness biathlon aka my 1st time working out at Barry’s Bootcamp and Flywheel.

Monday – rest
Tuesday – yoga
Wednesday – Workout & Wine
Thursday – rest
Friday – rest
Saturday – 1 hr personal training at Uplift, Fitness biathlon at Barry’s Bootcamp (1 hr) & Flywheel (45 mins)

Found this on Facebook – although maybe I should have held myself back this week and rested more

Honestly, I didn’t even guess tendonitis. My whole foot/body was just so sore that it wasn’t until I was back in my office on Wednesday (with access to a cafeteria with lots of ice) that I realized where the pain was in my foot. I thought it was plantar fasciitis, a stress fracture, a broken metartarsal, etc. (yes in that order). The ice helped and I realized that my outer foot muscle of my left foot was spasming (verb?).  I made an appointment with a podiatrist on Friday and she was able to diagnose pretty fast but then again I spent hours trying to figure it out on my own that I eventually narrowed down my symptoms with icing and resting. My foot is all wrapped up to keep the pressure off the muscle and she gave me a prescription for an anti-flammatory. I didn’t even realize my foot was inflamed. Currently it’s better but I have mostly stayed off of it for the exception of yesterday. I have to go in for a check up in 2 weeks and if it isn’t better I need to go get an MRI. Doctor’s advice “no running, no spin, no jumping”…I was okay with 2/3 of that (see review below of spinning).

So happy I decided to do yoga on Tuesday. I really needed that or I would have been so much more stiff.  Weirdly enough the yoga didn’t bother my foot as I thought it would. I used to go to yoga all the time. I went through a yoga phase when I was in grad school in Boston. What I don’t enjoy about it is the slow pace (okay slow compared to running of spin) but I do love that it helps with flexibility. As I realized on Tuesday, I’ve lost so much flexibility since I also got a massage with a groupon that my mom gave me!

On Wednesday, I went to my 1st workout and wine event at Uplift. There was a 45 minute class then wine and food (veggies, humus, vegan noodles) afterwards. I was really happy that the class was 1) only 45 minutes compared to their 55 minute classes and 2) that it was a strength class and not a cardio one (they have two signature classes – cardio and strength even though strength includes a good amount of cardio).  I told the instructor that I couldn’t do much with my foot and she was fine with it but when I tried the jumps, my foot was oddly fine.

I actually had a good time there. I love meeting other runners and just gym junkies. Organic Avenue, the juicing company, was on hand to provide samples of their juices. Their juices are delicious and probably one of my favorites that I’ve tried. I actually tried a ton of their juices during the NYC Half expo. Although I love eating and don’t think I could ever handle a cleanse.

On Saturday, I went to a personal training session at Uplift and even though I couldn’t do any jumping (which I thought would save me from getting my a$$ kicked), go figure I was exhausted with the amount I was doing which was lots of arms, abs, back and lunges.

Since Uplift was in Flatiron and I had to be at the Athleta location only 2 hours later, I killed some time at Whole Foods, sitting and eating a salad. It’s amazing how Whole Foods makes salads so delicious to me. I never want them anywhere else but I want them at Whole Foods…go figure.

I checked in at Athleta at 2:30 for team cardio (bootcamp and spin). There was a team tone which was yoga and pilates. By 2:45pm we were off to Barry’s Bootcamp which was a short walk a way. I saw the treadmills and was like “oh no!” I told the instructor and she was fine with it. I just did all the floor workouts. The way they have the workouts set up is half the group starts on the treadmill then the other half is on the floor. The floor workout is set up next to floor steps, ones you would see in a step class. The treadmill workout consists of a ton of sprints at certain speeds and intervals and incline. The floor workout consists of ab and arm workouts plus squats and lunges.

Flywheel was up next. Shoes and water were free and I did like the stadium seating. Even after switching shoes to a larger size my foot wasn’t having it so I couldn’t do any of the standing work on the bike. The instructor was great and really into it. I thought I would like it more but sadly, I think I’m a SoulCycle girl.

The best thing about the event is that the whole event fee was $40 and went directly to Girls on the Run which a great organization to get girls running and active. Also if you tweet your #MyFitWish, Athleta will donate $2 to GOTR.

I think yesterday’s workouts paired with the fact that I RAN A MARATHON last week left me exhausted today as evidenced by me literally sleeping all day. I was planning on going to yoga or even a late pilates class but couldn’t get out of bed. I also fell asleep around 10pm last night and despite that just slept all day. However, it was great for my foot because it feels fine but I really haven’t left the apartment.

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