Tis the season to get your fitness on

I finally gave in a few weeks ago and bought a Classtivity Pass. For $49, you have access to 10 boutique fitness classes around NYC. I do love the smaller class sizes and individualized attention (compared to regular gym classes) which got me thinking what other free classes are out there?

Last week, on Monday and Tuesday I stayed at my gym for a cardio sculpt class (Monday) and a barre class (Tuesday). Did lots of eating on Wednesday and Thursday but finally got around to using my Classtivity pass at Sixth Street Pilates on Friday.  Seriously, there were 7 people in class which was amazing and I was so much less distracted because of it. They had these amazing pilates springboards on the wall which are different than pilates reformers. Intro fee for mat classes are $5 whereas the springboard fee is $10. Will definitely be signing up for their springboard fee sometime soon.

On Saturday, I went to personal training at Uplift.  I felt like a hot mess who hasn’t worked out in months.  I was so out of breathe in the 1st 5 minutes that I didn’t think I’d make the full hour.  Sessions with my trainer, Michelle, make me realize how much upper body strength I’ve lost.  I can handle leg work but I can no longer handle shoulder work.  Luckily, my foot was feeling fine and I was able to do 1 minute running sprints and jump roping.  Although when I finally stepped outside it was hurting again. Go figure. 
Sunday, I signed up for a class at Yoga Vida (their Greenwich location) for a regular flow class using my Classtivity pass.  It was so good.  The instructor was playing Eminem at one point during our practice.  As soon as I heard “lose yourself” playing, I fell in love.  I’ve been looking for a NYC studio that could rival my favorite Boston yoga studio who frequently had hip hop yoga classes but for the past 2.5 half years I’ve been unsuccessful.  Either way, it was a great class.  
Well + Good is a great source of NYC fitness information. I had seen two ads on their site – one for a free class at Revolve and another for a class at Pure Yoga advertising their Figure 4 class.  So of course I had to try it. 
After killing a few hours at a cafe reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book, I went to Pure Yoga in the Upper West Side for their Figure 4 class. It’s a barre class.  I was shocked by how HUGE this place was. I mean it was massive and very zen.  For NYC, it was just gigantic. The space is gorgeous.  Equinox is nice but this place (owned by Equinox) is 1000000x better. 
The figure 4 class was tough. I thought I had taken barre classes before but those must have been for newbies because this was ridiculous. We got right into it and did lots of leg and barre work. I couldn’t believe that 10 minutes into class I was already sore.  The class could have held a lot more students (20+) but there were about a dozen in there.  The instructor provided so many corrections for me and for everyone else.   I really don’t know how to tuck my pelvis in but that was fine.  It was a tough class but I loved it.  I was nice and sore today in areas I didn’t know existed – like my forearm. 
Didn’t love the price so much as I emailed to inquire and I got a really good deal on JUST the figure 4 classes of $230 for two months, which is the price of one month and no enrollment fee (as I’m an equinox member).  Definitely tempted but I’m rarely in the Upper West Side. 
As for today, I kicked off Monday by an hour long class at Revolve.  It’s a newish cycling studio in NYC and DC. They’re so much cheaper than SoulCycle and I liked their fun vibe a bit more than Flywheel’s competitive vibe.  The hour long class, RIP Ride, incorporated these 3lb sandbags.  It’s weird that during these 2 arm series (i.e. ride, arm series, ride, arm series, ride), we literally stopped cycling.  The nice thing about doing the arm work when actually spinning is that it makes you work so much hard and the arm series actually works (maybe just to me).  I thought it was odd. Either way it was a great class and the more economical version of SoulCycle or Flywheel ($25 versus $33-$34)….speaking of which…
Flywheel is opening up in TriBeCa this week! So when I saw their announcement in Well+Good today, I had  to sign up for their FREE CLASSES! I signed up for 3! 
Source: Well+Good
My foot was feeling better so I was able to ride the whole ride today with no pain.  So I’m excited to give Flywheel another chance as I didn’t really enjoy the 1st ride all that much. Then again, I couldn’t do much of the fun stuff. 
Any awesome fitness deals in NYC that you know of? Let me know!

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