Getting my passport stamped!

With Sunday night’s yoga class at Ishta Yoga, last night’s circuit training class at Syncstudio, and tonight’s Core Synergy Conditioning class at Joffrey Ballet School, I’m done with my Classtivity Passport!

This past summer I had discovered Classtivity’s Passport. I got myself on the wait list and when an email came a few weeks later to buy it, I actually didn’t. At the time, I was beginning marathon training and still had a pricey gym membership so even though it was a steal (10 classes for $49), I didn’t get it. Eventually I ended up buying it until 4 months later when I started tapering. So glad that I bought it. 

Source: Classtivity

Here are 3 reasons to get it:

1) Breaking boredom  – There are so many studios! Anything from cycling to yoga to pilates.  If scheduling is an issue, you can search by date and time for available classes. Some of my favorite studios – Uplift, YogaVida, Sixth Street Pilates, & Sapere Studio.

2) It’s not the gym – No commitment but you do have to use the pass within a month of activating with options of extending it a day by sharing on Facebook whenever you make a reservation. The best thing about boutique studios is the small classes and specialized instructors. Although I would say that for any of my non-yoga classes I’ve taken.

3) Discounts! – A selling point that hasn’t really been made by reviewers are the additional discounts on top of 10 classes.  First of all, it’s already a steal considering what boutique gyms charge. However, a  lot of studios do new student deals (i.e a whole week for $30 etc.).  A whole week to me is too much of a commitment especially if I end up hating the class. 

Also the nice thing about reserving through Classtivity’s system is that you’re still allowed to get those new student deals even after you attend a studio’s class. For example, I attended a class at YogaVida and after attending the class, I was offered the new student deal of $10 for a whole week. Many of the studios did offer me deals after attending the class. Depending on whether they got my name and email address from the waiver or they sent it through the Classtivity reservation system, I’ll get an email a few days after attending the class. 

A downside to the Passport – a possible $20 charge. Although I will admit I did miss 2 classes and wasn’t charged. The  first time I didn’t show up and didn’t cancel either.  I was sent a warning email about it.  The second time, I canceled late. 

When I saw that they were offering this, I also got myself on that waitlist and got it last week as a Christmas present (thanks Mom!). The classpass allows you to attend 10 classes for $99 and is an on going deal – not just a one time thing. You can also take up to 3 classes per studio in a month. 

Unfortunately, you can only have one or the other – you can’t have both at the same time.  I found out the hard way when I had to put my ClassPass on hold. Classpass’s list of studios expanded to include juggernauts such as Barry’s Bootcamp and Exhale. Also very excited that Revolve, a spin studio, and Uplift are also on the Classpass as well. 

Passport is definitely for those looking for new things at the fraction of the cost.  When I bought it, I was super bored with my gym membership and all those weeks of training so it was perfect for me. I’m excited for Classpass as it’ll have room for me to explore but also keep taking classes I like. 

Interested in getting a Classpass ($99) or Passport ($49)? There’s still currently a waiting list for both Classpass and Passport so get yours now through the referral link. Click here for the Passport & here for the Classpass. 

Right now – The Classpass and Passport are only available for NYC studios. You can use Classtivity to search for classes in your city: Boston, Chicago, Miami, Washington, D.C, San Francisco, Seattle, and LA.

Disclaimer – Classtivity did not pay for this review or my Classpass or Passport.