I feel prettiest when I sweat – fitness deals part deux

My past week in classes

Sunday: triple decker of hotmessness
Flywheel in Tribeca – my legs were killing me 10 minutes into it.  The nice thing about Flywheel is that it tracks your power and RPMs and keeps a record of it online in your account.  I definitely killed it and even broke into the top 10 of women riders (it was mostly women).

I signed up for Uplift’s signature cardio class. Even though there was more than an hour between the start of class and the end of Flywheel. It wasn’t enough rest. I can typically handle a morning and evening workout with work in between (yes, the joys of a sedentary desk job). It was definitely not enough time. 

After taking a shower and making some coffee at Uplift (one of my favorite perks of this place), I headed off to brunch at Yerba Buena on Perry Street.  Solid brunch place with good food and what looked like equally delicious cocktails. The sis and I skipped the drinks since we both agreed we’d drop to the ground if we had any alcohol (that’s how hard those workouts are). 

I went to yoga at Ishta Yoga using my Classtivity Passport. First class comes with a free mat rental so that was awesome. Yoga was definitely needed after the morning I had. I really needed to stretch so that was perfect.

Monday: Two workouts planned but only made it to the 1st.  I did a 45 minute circuit training workout at SyncStudio in Willamsburg.  We used the TRX which is always fun.  Five of us in class with almost all of us with some sort of injury (all on the left side – how weird). Plus another marathoner who injured her hip a few weeks ago. I was starting to get a little dizzy and nauseous towards the end even though the pace was slower than I had expected. After class ended I cancelled my reservation via Classtivity for Y7 Yoga. I’ve heard great things about this place – hot vinyasa with a killer playlist but hot anything was the last thing I wanted at that point.

Tuesday: Core Synergy Conditioning at Joffrey Ballet Studio.
A pilates meets a barre type class. A serious no frills workout using no weights, and only used the barre for about 10 minutes towards the end of class.  Being in a ballet school is intimidating but it was a great class and the instructor was really nice which I wasn’t expecting (Black Swan expectations anyone?).

Wednesday: Signed up for spin class and skipped. Just hungout on the elliptical for 45 minutes then did some squats & deadlifts with 40 & 50lb weights

Thursday: Hour personal training session at Uplift! I ran on the treadmill without it being on…think pushing the ramp with my own feet – it’s serious work. I am exhausted.

Fitness deals – part 2
Anyways, while the sister and were gallivanting throughout the city this weekend. We (okay she found it first) found a few free classes which include SoulCycle, FlyBarre, Revolve, Flywheel.

From the Union Square Lululemon:

You have to sign up in the Union Square store to get a bike – only 1 class per person!

Also, one class person! You have to email to reserve a class.

A lot of sporting goods stores do free classes such as Jackrabbit and Athleta. For Jackrabbit, you might need to reserve a spot. This summer they were doing back to back workouts (45 minutes of cycling and a 4 mile run).

Gilt City is doing a deal for 3 classes at Barry’s Bootcamp in TriBeCa for FIRST TIMERS only. Barry’s Bootcamp is also doing a SALE starting tomorrow through Sunday – $27 classes (normally $34) which don’t expire for their Chelsea and TriBeCa locations. You can sign up online or in store.

If gym memberships are more your style, you might want to check out Equinox after Christmas, I got a free month when I signed up last year and they waived my initiation fee as well.

I seriously still can’t decide what I want on Gilt City – Barry’s Bootcamp or Liquertia beginner cleanse. Both seem cool in theory. I need to start running again but I don’t want my foot to start hurting again.

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