Getting in the holiday spirit

The holidays stopped being so excited since…I realized Santa wasn’t real?  Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday and Christmas in a close 2nd. Yet lately I’ve been feeling the holiday (Christmas) spirit.

Last week, I put Christmas music on my Spotify playlist which includes classics like Mariah Carey, NSYNC, and Britney Spears. Trader Joe’s has a unhealthy yummy selection of desserts like truffle popcorn drizzled in chocolate (which I brought to a work meeting). I’ve been drinking a TON of hot chocolate (which I don’t normally drink anymore because I’m lactose intolerant). And all the snow in the past 2 weeks has helped with the holiday mood.

I’ve been to afraid to run but even though my foot has healed (I think?)…I’m seriously afraid to start running just to injure myself again. The goals of all these workouts has been to keep my fitness up (though nothing can compete with a good, hard run), keep me motivated and keep me entertained.

Friday – SoulCycle unexpected rest day
I was planning on an evening workout at Exhale but the day before a work happy hour was announced and I needed to go. I had signed up for an early morning SoulCycle class but slept through my alarm. Really annoyed at myself which is not how you want to go in front of a judge (which yes, I had to do that morning as well).  When I stress eat, I stress eat (i.e. Chinese food for breakfast/lunch at 12pm then a sausage sandwich at lunch/happy hour at 6pm)

Saturday – SoulCycle with the AMAZING Charlee then Core Fusion at Exhale Spa
I needed to workout all that food but I must have been tired from the week’s workouts. Although all these varying and different workouts have made me exhausted. Running long distances is always the same and eventually you just don’t feel pain but with changing workouts – IT HURTS!

Anyways, I adore Charlee. She moved to LA back in September and that was my last class with SC. Soulcycle is PRICEY so since discovering it back in February 2012, I go through my phases of it. I usually only go if Charlee is teaching. She’s really intense yet inspirational.

After SC, I headed to Soho for Exhale. I signed up using my Classtivity Classpass! Very excited to try this studio since I’ve heard amazing things about it. Doing Exhale after SC was a terrible idea, my legs were SCREAMING. Very happy with the class although I would love to get those grip socks.  It’s one of the few barre classes I’ve been to where they make you wear socks and there’s carpeting instead of wood floors. Socks made it so much harder to hold onto the barre and thus making my legs work harder. Natalie wad a great instructor and obviously I had no idea what I was doing.

Sunday – SoulCycle with Akin!
I got off the waitlist for an 11:45am class with Charlee but I gave that up because I was exhausted. I ended up going to a 4pm class with Akin who’s just as good.

Sunday night’s FAILED experiment = kale chips

Monday – gym time – stairclimber and lifting some weights
I was not in the mood to go to the gym but it made no sense to go home after work just to leave to go to a Yelp event.  It was the last Yelp event of the year so I had to go (yay Yelp Elite!). Plus look at some of the FREE food I got to eat…plus all the free drinks. There was a lot more food…but I was too busy stuffing my face.

Tuesday – Exhale Spa for Core Fusion Barre before work then after work = strength at Uplift
I might be obsessed with Exhale (2nd class on my Classpass) but since I don’t have to be in the office til a bit later, very few gyms offer 8am classes and Exhale was one of them. Barre might be the best pre-work workout because I was able to NOT look like a MESS by the time I got into the office. I also wasn’t super sweaty from the workout.

After work (and after eating chocolate cake at a work baby shower), I headed over to Uplift.  I got off the waitlist at the last minute so my one workout for Tuesday became two.  Of course Liz, the instructor, was great and despite the earlier workout I was feeling really motivated and was lifting the heaviest weights they had.

Looking forward to…

  • The end of the week: I’ll be off from work for almost 2 weeks – hello staycation!
  • Trying a bunch of Classpass classes over the next week or so
  • I ended up getting a $100 Gilt City account credit so I got a 3 pack of Barry’s Bootcamp classes for $71 and a 5 class pack of yoga classes at Sacred Sounds Yoga for $39! So I ended up paying just $10 for all those classes!
  • Charlee is coming back next week for more NYC classes!
  • A FREE Soulcycle class on Friday! Thanks Lululemon!
  • Workout and wine at Uplift today (Wednesday)!
  • Christmas & going home upstate for all the Filipino food I can eat.
  • Possibly starting to run again – I’m actually really afraid to start doing it but the Miami Half is 6.5 weeks away!
What are you all looking forward to in the next few days/weeks?

2 thoughts on “Getting in the holiday spirit

  1. I wouldn't have thought that wearing socks would have that much of an effect on the workout. I'll have to try that. I don't think I realized that there was such a big difference between working out on carpet. Thanks for sharing.


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