A Sex and the City Moment

I hit the gym hard these past few days which I needed considering I am surrounded by SO MANY COOKIES AND CAKES. Holiday cookies at work, a baby shower, etc. = so many treats. 

On the plus side, I’m officially on vacation until January 2nd so the plan is just to eat and workout! My podiatrist gave the ok for running again. Also, I’m officially a #sweatpink ambassador!

Happy Holidays from NYC and this cat on a man.

Wednesday: 45 mins of Soulcycle with Kym P., Workout & Wine – 45 mins Uplifting Strength w/Tara 
Back to back workouts – literally 15 minutes apart isn’t one of my best ideas then proceeding to drink some wine after…

Thursday: personal training w/Michelle at Uplift 
My arms were literally still burning two days later. I did tell her that I needed more upper body strength. 

Friday: 45 minute Body Ride w/Jason Tran – a Mariah Carey ride that I LOVED (thanks to my Classpass) then a FREE SC class at Union Square (thanks Lululemon!)
I’m officially a #TranFan – he’s awesome.  The Mariah Carey ride was amazing – “if you don’t believe in Jesus, it’s okay – you believe in Mimi” LOL.

Saturday: 50 minutes of circuit training at Exceed (thanks Classpass!) – A new favorite, very similar to Shockwave, which I tried a few weeks ago. A really cool studio in the UES. 
Loved this – 4 stations set up, weights, ergs, bosu ball, TRX – each round there was a new workout on each station, pretty cool went by fast.

Sunday FUNDAY: core yoga at Sacred Sounds Yoga, then a class at The Fhitting Room and finally a SoulCycle 
I wouldn’t recommend doing a triple especially two cardio sessions. However I really wanted to try all these classes and I only signed up for SC bc I thought a friend was coming into the city but didn’t come. 

The Fhitting Room was similar to Exceed the day before but incorporated some running. I ran 400 meters outside! First time running in weeks. Also enjoyed how we used the ergs again! 

A Sex and the City Moment

When Sex and the City was actually on HBO, I was actually in middle school. In college, my roommates and I would watch all the episodes, a tradition that continued through grad school in Boston and back to NYC. 

What does this all have to do with right now?

Uplift Studios hosted another Workout & Wine event last Wednesday.  I was hesitant to sign up because of the theme of “happily ever after.” They invited Kristina Griggs, a relationship coach. 

From their email:

After our signature 45-minute cardio and strength workout, join Kristina Griggs for a workshop (with wine of course!) on learning how to fill your heart with love. Kristina will share insights on how to develop a better relationship with yourself and align internally so love finds you.

Kristina Griggs is a Personal Development and Relationship Coach. She guides women towards fulfilling relationships and helps them heal heartache. Her mission is to help you evolve beyond your past, face your present challenges with clarity and live the most fulfilling life possible whether you are single or in a relationship.

Eventually I signed up last minute – why? Remember that SATC episode where Charlotte was seeing a relationship expert who held group talks and she gets yelled at in front of a group of women? Well I JUST HAD to see what this was all about.

After a crazy good strength class with Tara, we all grabbed some wine and food and sat down for a chat.  Although most of Kristina’s work does involve hypnosis, this was interesting and it made sense – loving yourself first. 

Other lessons I learned: letting go of resentment. I like that a lot of women were open to sharing about themselves – one going through divorce, another a separation, two brides to be, then me in a relationship.   I’m not sure that I learned that much from the speaker herself, it was just interesting to hear from women and their relationships.  

Not sure about the rest of you, but I find that as we get older we just stopped talking about it – maybe out of respect for our significant others or just out of fear of judgement or both.  

Has anyone else ever been to a relationship coach before? Would you ever go?

One thought on “A Sex and the City Moment

  1. I am just unclear i found that very much through the phone speaker very little, it turned out only exciting to listen for via girls along with his or her human relationships.


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