The bad and the good – holiday edition.

The bad 
Doctor: “no working out for a week” while eyeing my marathon shirt I was wearing
Me: “like running?”
Doctor: “anything at all for a week”
Me: “define a week”

Doctor: “when the fever goes away and the wheezing stops – when you’re ALL BETTER”

Another doctor in the past 5 weeks telling me to STOP working out for a few days. Well this is interesting….

The Google calendar obsessed freak that I am had every workout of my almost 2 week staycation booked and logged in to my calendar but of course my plans got ruined. I got sick and probably broke the record for the most ramen/noodles and tea consumed for 4 consecutive days.

Monday- Uplift Strength, yoga, BodyCamp at Body Space Fitness, free Soulcycle class
Tuesday – Brooklyn Bodyburn & Cyclesanity
Wednesday – Christmas! Running
Thursday – SoulCycle & Uplift Strength with Liz
Friday – SoulCycle & Reinvention Chair at Chaise Fitness
Saturday- SoulCycle
Sunday – Exceed then Pilates

I was going to make my grand entrance back into running and that didn’t happen – even though my sister was banging down my door Christmas morning to go running.

I started to feel really exhausted Tuesday and took the day off – felt the same way Wednesday and my allergies (to my parents’ dogs) kicked in Wednesday night so I woke up not being able to breathe Thursday.  It typically goes away as soon as I leave but it got worse as the days went on – runny nose became a cough and some wheezing then a fever got thrown in there. I finally went to the doctor today and was given lots of antibiotics (I think it’s bronchitis?).

I seriously hate being sick. After college, there comes a strong realization that I actually have work to make up if I take a sick day – the work just doesn’t go away. Luckily (or unluckily) I’m on vacation.   My asthma hasn’t been this bad since elementary school – I had a full blown asthma attack going up just a few stairs which happened a lot today as I did have to climb the subway and up my 3rd floor apartment. (NYC can be the worst like that).

Note to self – must work on lower ab/back strength as all this coughing is making my back and lower abs hurt really badly.

The Good

  • Christmas presents – new UnderArmour running crops from my sister, officially registered for the NYC Marathon 2014 thanks to my parents, Starbucks and Sephora gift cards and high five for taking the presents my parents like hand soaps and candles. 
  • SALES – If you haven’t hit up the Gap yet, what are you waiting for? I got these 3 tops (2 of which are in different colors) for less than $30. I rarely splurge on workout tops but I’m finding myself more annoyed when I’m doing mountain climbers and my shirt is riding up. 34.95
     From – originally $34.95 – got it for $11.99 and in all black instead of the blue bra underneath.
    Originally $34.95 – got it for $8.99. Got it in this color^ and in the purple.

  • Free class at Body Space Fitness for Classtivity users.  I went to Body Camp class last Monday and another Classtivity user was in class with me (she was on the passport but I think I convinced her to do the Classpass when she was done ha!). 
    • At the end of the class, Tony, the instructor, said that we had a choice of a discounted training/strategy session or a free class. BSF was great and offered a classic HIIT, circuit training style workout that utilized TRX, kettlebells, bosu balls, ropes, etc. Also the facility was amazing – it was 100x bigger than what I was expecting. Showers and electronic lockers available. 
From the Body Space Fitness website
  • Free movie tickets – my mom, sister and I went to the movies. Since we bought tickets days before and showed up expected a movie, which was cancelled, we ended up getting a bunch of free movie tickets and refunded for the large popcorn I had bought.  When I stop having asthma attacks for walking a few feet, I definitely have a list of movies I want to see: Wolf of Wall Street, Anchorman 2, & American Hustle.  
Good or bad? Last week, someone thought I wasn’t over 18. When I asked him how old he thought I was, he said 21. The good – I’m not aging as fast as my other mid 20 counterparts (what happens when they hit up the tanning salon every day since high school). The bad – I do represent clients in front of judges, this only makes me feel more like a child playing in mock trial. Sigh. 

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