5/5/5 – 2013 style

An end of a year post that I will attempt to not bore you with: 5 accomplishments, 5 lessons learned, and 5 goals for 2014.

2013 Accomplishments

  1. Running – ran my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th half marathons this year – PRed each one except the 5th one. 
  2. Professional – Joined an awesome board of directors for my college alumni association, got a great side job, transitioned successfully into a new role at my current company & was able to begin successfully representing clients in front of judges.
  3. Running – I RAN A FREAKING MARATHON! Sorry that deserved all caps. 
  4. Charity – I raised over $1100 for the Philippines in November! In less than a week! Thanks to everyone who donated 🙂
  5. Misc – I got into a few law schools, saved up some cash in two retirement plans and emergency savings, I dropped to my lowest weight ever since college this year (not that it stayed around for all that long- thanks marathon training!!)   

Lessons Learned from 2013

  1. I suffer from overachiever syndrome/FOMO (fear of missing out) – I’ve shown people my Google calendar and they’ve all agreed it’s crazy (seven colors, seven different tabs). I do like doing a lot things and going to a lot of places and being on lots of committees but I can’t do it all. 
  2. I don’t need to say yes to every opportunity that comes my way – I’ve been so lucky to have plenty of opportunities come my way but I’ve been a lot more selective about things I’ve actually really wanted to do. 
  3. Always have a plan B – It never occurred to me that yes I could get injured during the marathon especially since I made it to the start line after being injury free for 18 weeks of training and a year of running but it happened. 
  4. I can still be really shy – I’m usually fine during interviews and other professional settings. Plus I’ve come a long way from being that girl in elementary school who never talked to anyone but….I still can be really shy – painfully shy at introducing myself to people. Introductions scare me. 
  5. I need to make time to see friends and family. I don’t schedule enough time to see anyone that often.  I’ve been especially bad this year (but especially good at dragging my friends to run races with me ;D ). 

Goals for 2014!

  1. Stop overbooking myself – I need to stop overbooking myself – period. When you suffer from FOMO like me, it’s nearly impossible to say no to any party/committee/class/free anything that comes my way. Plus I need to stop booking things when I see I have free time (i.e. “oh a bootcamp class and yoga? sure why not?”). I need to sit still more often.
  2. Complete the NYC Marathon – in hopefully way less time then it took me to finish the Philly Marathon & hopefully injury free.
  3. A half PR – This year would like to break 2 hrs. My 1st half time was 2:31, my current half PR is 2:09. When you look at the paces: 9:51 pace for a 2:09 finish to a 9:10 pace for a 2:00 finish seems reasonable but still seems so fast for me….
  4. Trust my work – I second guess my work too much. I frequently reread memos over and over again. It doesn’t matter how far advance I do a memo – it just never looks finished to me. Oddly enough this only happens in the professional setting, I don’t question guess myself too much when it comes to physical challenges (except barre which I’m terrible at). 
  5. Stop holding myself back – I tend to productive procrastinate. I distract myself from things I want that seem slightly impossible to get by doing things I know I can accomplish (i.e. I know I can do a half marathon but I don’t know if I can get into law school). I should stop second guessing myself and go full speed ahead with things. 
HAPPY NEW YEAR’S! WOOOO! I hope you all have exciting things to do – because the only thing I have to look forward to is a doctor’s appointment! Yay bronchitis! YAY! #sarcasm

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