Looking on the bright side

I’ve been dreading January since November – it seriously is the worst month of the year. I got lost on the way to a work site today and spent 20 minutes outside wandering. Not the best day to do something like that.

Thursday night

Despite all of this weather and being sick, I dragged myself out of my apartment for New Year’s Eve dinner. Even got dressed up for it. I think I look okay for really being sick.

On the bright side, I do go to Miami at the end of the month for Miami Half Marathon (& my sister’s 1st marathon!). They premiered their medals today on YouTube.

Also I found this free Pure Barre Brooklyn class hosted by Cosmo.
I actually went to a Pure Barre class on Sunday since I was feeling better. It’s very similar to Exhale Core Fusion. Both of which are on the Classtivity Classpass! I’m not sure which I like more and even though the instructor mentioned that the weight series would be longer, it didn’t FEEL longer. The moves if anything felt more smaller and therefore easier for me to do (because I’m terrible at barre in general).


Continuing on my journey through the Classpass – I went to Body Space Fitness again last night. I took the Body Camp class last time and was offered a free class after attending the first so I took Training for Warriors. It utilized the treadmill for circuits – twenty seconds on, arm & abs floor workout, 25 seconds on, floor workout, 30 seconds on. Each circuit had a different type of floor workout each time. The treadmill was also set to an incline of 8 with a speed of 8.5 (or 8.5 for both? I don’t remember). I was super exhausted after class but the hour long class went by fast. Loved that I met some cool Classtivity folks in class too!

Today I took an Afterburn/Strength class at As One Effect (also on the Classtivity Classpass). I actually couldn’t find a description of the class online but still wanted to try it. Turns out it’s their cardio day (oh no). It was another circuit style workout – where 40 minutes or so was dedicated to cardio then strength. The cardio circuits utilized the stairclimber, jump ropes, cycling machines and a climbing ladder. It looked scary to use but it was fun (and really worked the backside – ouch).


Sunday afternoon’s Pure Barre class actually had a lot of students – almost every spot at the barre was taken. The nice thing about As One Effect and Body Space Camp is that it really did have a fun team vibe to it.


I’m really glad the BSF utilized the treadmills for class yesterday because I’m having the hardest time getting myself on one at the gym. I’m doing a 10K this Saturday and I haven’t done much running since the tendonitis hit weeks ago. I haven’t had any pain during my short sprints but I guess a 10K is still a substantial distance to prep for. I’m just planning on taking it easy on Saturday and just running for feel. Hoping to get a Barry’s Bootcamp workout in before then too!

I have four weeks to go to the Miami Half. I really was hoping for this to be a PR attempt but 4 weeks of training probably won’t be enough (although this is a FLAT course so maybe).

Can we skip the rest of the month and just fast forward to Miami? Please.

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