The Pedialyte Diet

Yesterday before my office holiday party (yes, we do it AFTER the holidays), a coworker mentioned that he started going on the pedialyte diet. I literally laughed in his face, then I realized he was serious. WHOOPS.

I actually have heard of this diet trick before but never gave it much thought.  In his defense, I researched this and it seems like it something athletes do to get their electrolytes. Even Rachel Zoe does it.  Although I assume these people do it sparingly…and not as often as my friend. {Edit: as he just read this post – he would like to clarify that he doesn’t replace meals with Pedialyte as I was made to believe]

This brings me to a horrifying fun topic….weight.

To be honest, 2013 was the year I hit my lowest weight since college. I hit it sometime a year ago. A year prior to that (2 years ago), I was 35lbs heavier.

For the most part, in the past year, I’ve maintained my weight…it did go up a bit through the summer and marathon training.  I should know how much I weigh but I hate being a slave to my scale. I haven’t weighed myself since September.  I pretty much scared to weigh myself refuse to.

Towards the end of marathon training (and probably because of ALL OF THE FOOD I WAS EATING) I started to feel a bit fat bloated so I threw myself into all these fun fitness classes at the gym and through Classtivity. Back in March, I bought two pairs of things I haven’t worn since I gained the weight after college – pants. A pair of black work pants and a pair of jeans.

Pants are important! 

I gave away all my size 4 jeans after college because they seriously didn’t fit so imagine my surprise when I could get myself into size 4s again.  I’ve been using my jeans as a gauge of my fitness and weight instead of the scale but I’m starting to think that was silly.

Marathon training pretty much made my legs ripped so makes sense that jeans fit.  If anything I think weight settled in my arms and abs, and I would like to think that all the classes are helping (I can feel my arm muscles again!).

I think I know range of my weight. And if it still holds true – I still have 10lbs (15lbs if I’m currently heavier than I expect) to lose from what was my ultimate goal.

The question is…do I want to do it? 

When I lost the initial 35lbs, I didn’t count a single calorie. Yes, I’m freaking serious.  Sorry, but I’m just way to busy to deal with that crap.  I knew my body would respond to exercise and healthier eating. Two to even three happy hour a week habits were replaced with gym classes. Morning bacon egg and cheeses on bagels were replaced with cereal.

My eating habits were always horrifying even when I played sports but the sports kept me at my light weight and living on a college student’s budget meant not eating as much.  It’s amazing what a desk job and a salary can do.

I’ll never go a pedialyte diet…or restrictive diet of any kind because it’s just not feasible (and I love food too too much). But I do think I should not only be lighter but more toned.  To clarify, I don’t want to be skinny and for the most part I do like my body.

But the last 10 pounds seems impossible. Even at 35lbs heavier, I knew once I hit the 10 to go, it would be a nightmare. Maybe I should chase down the goal and at least see if I get it? If it’s not maintainable, then it’s just too low?

I mentioned this to my trainer tonight. She gets it as she dealt with losing weight as well. As she told me tonight, she’s not a nutritionist but can be an accountability buddy. She told me if I want to text her photos of what I’m eating, I can.

Working out will never be a problem – my eating will be. GOD I LOVE FOOD SO MUCH.

Me and my ice cream cone in Miami March 2013

Maybe I should just get on the scale to see where I am? Maybe I shouldn’t think about it as much (like the first time around) and just be mindful of everything I’m eating? Should I even care – All my high school & college friends think I’m back at my high school/college weight anyways?

Maybe this is just a load a crap and I should just be focusing on getting faster and stronger?

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