Classtivity Classpass review!

Over a month ago, I got myself on the Classtivity Classpass waiting list after seeing the list of studios. I was super excited for the Classpass and quickly went through my Passport so I could move on to the Classpass. For $99, you get 10 classes, which is a STEAL considering what a majority of the studios charge per class ($30+). You’re also capped at 3 visits per studio (admittedly IDK if it’s 3 visits per studio or just chain i.e. Exhale has various locations).

Studio favorites
(note * on Passport as well)
  • ExhaleBeen here 3 times! Their signature Core Fusion Barre will really work your core.
  • Exceed  – Fast circuits (45 seconds) incorporating the TRX, ergs and kettlebells. Great workout if you don’t like doing the same thing for more than 45 seconds 😉
  • Body Space Camp – After I took the 1st class, I was offered a free 2nd class! Definitely take Training for Warriors – it incorporates the treadmill for 20, 25 and 30 second intervals. 
  • Pure BarreBeen to the UNSQ and the UWS studios. UNSQ is definitely a better studio.
  • Revolve – Take Jason Tran’s class! Signed up last minute for his Mariah Carey ride and it was amazing. Definitely a #TranFan. He also teaches at The Fhitting Room, which is also on the Classpass!
  • Uplift The all women vibe is awesome and so encouraging. 
Two classes that I love that I actually didn’t use the Classpass for YET but plan to:
  • Barry’s Bootcamp got a 3 pack prior to starting Classpass b/c I had a ridiculous GiltCity credit that I needed to use. FYI Courtney is hilarious.
  • Throwback Fitness – also new to Classpass, I actually bought a 2 pack of classes just days BEFORE it was on the Classpass. The class is led by two instructors, Ryan and Brian who are super friendly and encouraging. Be prepared to sweat sweat sweat – blame the rower/ergs! & Have fun – they split us up  so we were competing against one another for points.
Although I took a majority of HIIT classes this time around (I like super sweaty workouts!), there are yoga and pilates classes available as well. Exhale offers yoga as does Yoga Vida and Sacred Sounds Yoga (which I occasionally go to considering I have a separate class package there).

I gave you favorites and pros so here are the CONS:

  • Late cancel – As stated when you late cancel or no show, you will possibly be charged a $20 fee. Although I was never charged the $20 fee on the Passport or Classpass. You also don’t get those classes back.
  • 24 hour reservation – You definitely can’t make a last minute reservation. Just as you have 24 hours to cancel, you also have up until 24 hours to register as well.

Would it recommend it? UM YES DUH! It’s definitely one of the best purchases I ever made. I met some others on the Classtivity Passport at some classes and was raving about the Classpass to them. It’s a great deal and one that I’m able to afford. There’s literally something for everyone on the Classpass, HIIT classes, circuit training, cycling, pilates, yoga, barre, and dance!

Want to get your Classpass NOW – get it here! (referral link!)

One thought on “Classtivity Classpass review!

  1. Thanks for your review. I am considering joining however I am concerned about “eligible classes” – are these certain restricted times? I have a hectic work schedule and sometimes need to make last minute changes….it sounds like an amazing deal yet I am concerned I'll not be able to attend


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