Tell me what running is

I realize this is a fitness blog but I when I’m not working or sleeping or working out (as evidenced by the serious amount of business clothing and workout clothes all over my living room), I’m usually found eating.

Foods from this weekend – dinner at Kittichai in Soho & brunch at Fonda
Despite all the eating and working out, I’ve been able to see some friends. (remember that was one of my New Year’s goals – to see friends as I’m REALLY bad at it), I’ve been crazy busy with work and college board duties. To be honest, I can’t believe I’ve been able to get workouts in. Although I didn’t really sleep all that much last week :/. 
Luckily my workout schedule has been consistent? Or just crazy. You decide.
Wednesday (1/8) – Core Fusion Barre at Exhale & TRX at Soho Strength Lab
Thursday (1/9) – training session at Uplift
Friday (1/10) – rest
Saturday (1/11) – 10K & Core Fusion Bootcamp at Exhale Yep, that 10K wasn’t happening. I was running on 8 hours of sleep over two nights. It wasn’t going to happen. I needed to rest.
Sunday (1/12) – Exceed 
Monday (1/13) – Barry’s Bootcamp & then continued the treadmill work at the gym
Tuesday (1/14) – Throwback Fitness
Wednesday (1/15) – rest 
Thursday (1/16) – training session at Uplift & Throwback Fitness
Friday (1/17) -rest
Saturday (1/18) -rest
Sunday (1/19) – a 4 mile run, Exceed then Core Fusion at Exhale It was freezing outside but a run needed to happen. I also did nothing on Friday and Saturday BUT eat (oh and redo this blog 😉 
Monday (1/20) – Reinvention Chair at Chaise Fitness at 92Y & then pilates at my gym 
Highly recommend Throwback Fitness and Reinvention Chair (both of which are on the Classtivity Classpass). Unlike Barry’s, it’s not intimidating or scary (correction: If you don’t run, Barry’s can be intimidating). 
If you’re into team workouts, Throwback Fitness is perfect for you (if you like sweating in general actually). If you’re into pilates, reinvention chair would be for you.  Not necessarily a sweatfest but more of a “burn” working those smaller muscles. 
As of this past Sunday, I’m two weeks away from the Miami Half Marathon and eight weeks away from the NYC Half Marathon. My foot hasn’t bothered me until lately although it might be a boot issue (I wear the same leather boots to work every day usually I switch between flats and boots). Weeks ago on the treadmill, my foot didn’t bother me but this past week, it has just felt weak. Actually BOTH of my feet felt weakThe doctor warned me about this. 
I’m planning to get in some treadmill runs and maybe hit Barry’s once more before the half. I’d like to do an 8 mile run outdoors but not sure if that’s possible given the snow this week.
My goal for the Miami Half is to just do it. With more training, I’d like to PR in either the NYC Half or Brooklyn Half (registration opens on Wednesday!!!). 

I’d like to sign up for another half for the spring. Any recommendations that isn’t the NYRR Women’s Half? Two loops of Central Park is just not for me.

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