February goals & class reviews

(originally posted 2/9/14 – although accidentally deleted and recovered by cached google results!)
Even though we’re basically a third of the way through this month…here are my February goals:

1) keep up the myfitnesspal – I got weighed a week and half ago and the results were a hot mess.  I was told by the trainer who weighed me at the gym to keep a food diary for a week. So I did and I kept going. The longest I’ve kept a MFP diary was about 2 weeks. 

2) no ordering delivery – Seamless and I are in a monogamous relationship and we need to break up stat. No more. No more. At least ordering delivery. If I want prepared food, I need to take myself out of the apartment for it.

3) running  – I get into habits easily but breaking them is usually a problem. I got into the habit of running, then now classes, now with the NYC Half coming up in 5 weeks, I HAVE to get back into running again.

4) lay off the red meat & pork – I’m consciously trying to eat more seafood and chicken instead of beef. 

Last meal in Miami – more lox!
Lox omelet in Miami

So far so good with all of these goals.  I never order fish when ordering out but for the past week I have been. I feel a lot better but a craving for a burger struck yesterday so I had a burger, which was impressive. I’ve gone a week without eating red meat which (lately) has been a lot more often. 

Class reviews 

Luckily I’ve been able to try out some awesome classes and since I rarely do class reviews, here they are.
Cyc Fitness
Thanks to Well & Good’s daily newsletter, I signed up for CYC as soon as I saw the code. CYC is located in the East Village right off the Astor  Place 6 stop in the basement of David Barton Gym. I’ve never been to David Barton but it has a cool, dark rocker vibe to it. It’s basically the opposite of Equinox (which is clean, bright, crisp decor). 
I took a class with Kyle who was really energetic and hilarious. The first 10 minutes of class was whatever – then we got into it. Definitely a great arm workout since we were doing sports moves with weights in our hands – think swimming motions, volleyball, basketball and while this doesn’t sound hard, doing it repetitively with weights makes it difficult. Also it really did feel like a club – black and neon lights were amazing. So definitely wear white or another neon color because you will light up in class. 
It was a pretty good class but I haven’t really met a spin class that I didn’t like. I would tell a friend it’s a good class and that I’d go if they wanted to try it but would I go back continuously, probably not. It’s out of my way and not in my budget. 
Price: $25 per class/shoes not included
Once or go back again: hmmm, I’d definitely try it out again but for location & $, not sure that I’d continue to go back all the time.



When I was in Miami, I had to try FlyBarre (mostly because the 1st class was free & the NYC locations don’t offer the first timer free class). 
I’ve taken plenty of barre classes before and while I’m not great at barre, it’s still definitely a workout. I took the class with Robin, who was super nice and friendly. However the class was TOUGH. You definitely get your monies worth with this workout.  I felt bad for my mom and sister who were both barre newbies. I told them barre wasn’t going to be a hardcore bootcamp class except this was.  
This place was crazy hard – there was a “dynamic arms” section which was dance moves with weights in your hand and included lots of the typical things you’d find in an average barre class. I definitely wanted to go back in Miami since it was $7 less than it was in NYC but there wasn’t much time.
Price: varies on location: NYC is $32 a class, Miami is $25 per class
Once or go back again: If I had the money or the time, I’d probably make this a once a week splurge. I definitely can’t fit it in my budget or workout routine right now.  

In conclusion, boutique fitness classes are a lot like dining out. There are places I want to try and do then never go back again. Then there are places I rave about and keep going back to. Both were the former. 

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