Is it spring yet?

How is it March 2nd already?

As for my four February goals: I did MyFitnessPal for all 28 days of February! And was pretty good about not eating red meat and pork….

Except it was still cold outside so the running was ehhh. And this past week since getting back from Texas, has been super busy so I gave in and had delivery…twice.

I hate when life gets so crazy busy that I can’t be bothered with groceries or cooking but in my defense my work building has a solid discounted salad bar (it’s half the price of going out in the financial district for food!).

Breakfast tacos in Austin, TX from Salt Lick BBQ

New February classes
February was busy with a trip to Miami and Austin but I somehow fit in these awesome new classes:

  • Mixed levels class at The Bar Method Soho
  • Barre at Xtend Barre Brooklyn Heights 
  • Level II class at Yogamaya —-> check out my review on the Classpass blog 
  • 30/30 Express at Pedal NYC —> check out my review of the class & teacher on Classpass blog
  • Boxing at Exceed Physical Fitness
  • Spin class at Swerve Fitness
  • Signature class at CityRow
  • BodyBurn at Brooklyn Bodyburn 
Reviews are coming! Promise! 

March goals

I have one goal and it’s to keep up with the MyFitnessPal. Yes, I know the NYC Half is in TWO WEEKS (!) but there’s no way I can make a PR. I just haven’t been training for it.

Except today I ran the NYRR Washington Heights 5k and I ran my fastest 5k since college…on a ridiculously hilly course. Of course it was freezing so running was just a way to keep myself warm.

I definitely want to focus on training for the Brooklyn Half starting this month (which is about 2 months away from the NYC Half).

Things I want to try

I somehow got out of my gym contract because the gym had messed up my paperwork and terminated my discount and one year contract. I got lucky! I have a ton of classes I want to try on my list including GoRow in Hoboken, Refine Method, Physique 57, and so many more now that I’m out of a gym membership for the first time in over 2 years.

Also, I applied to a group fitness instructor training program. Supposedly, I’m supposed to hear by the end of this month to start training in the beginning of April. We’ll see how this all goes…..

What are your March/life/spring goals? Any recommendations on places I need to try next?

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