NYC Half training

Me: “the half is next week”
Boyfriend: “are you ready for that?”
Me: “yes…ish”
Boyfriend: “you haven’t been running outside”
Me: “I ran a half marathon a month ago and didn’t die, I’ll be fine”
Boyfriend: “So not dying is how you measure a successful half?”
Me: “yes”

It’s been freezing and cold and dark lately (although it’s been warm and sunny lately) either way I haven’t been able to get in some good runs. Instead I have been going class crazy this month.

Saturday 3/1 – The Fhitting Room with Daury & Java
Sunday 3/2 – Washington Heights 5k
Monday 3/3 – Brooklyn Bodyburn w/Keisha & Cycle Party Triletics at PNT Fitness w/Tara
Tuesday 3/4 – Throwback Fitness w/Brian & Ryan
Wednesday 3/5 – CoreRnX at Pedal NYC w/ JD & Row & Flow at CityRow w/ Annie
Thursday 3/6 – 1 hr training session at Uplift w/ Michelle
Friday 3/7 – rest day
Saturday 3/8 – Body Ride at Revolve w/ Jason Tran
Sunday 3/9 – spin at Swerve Fitness w/ Tanya & Sculpt Fusion at Uplift w/ Madeline
Monday 3/10 – Signature Row at CityRow w/ Beth Lewis
Tuesday 3/11 – 50 minute workout at Rowhouse w/ Eric, Uplift strength at Uplift w/Liz & Soho Speed at Soho Strength Lab w/Andrew
Wednesday 3/12 – Row & Flow at CityRow w/Annie M

So as you can see…this is how I do NYC Half training with tons of classes and with the help of Classpass!  (Referral link on the right hand side!). I definitely need to buckle down and get myself together for the Brooklyn Half but after the pain of marathon training in the fall…any constant running sounds….painful.

We’ll see how this goes on Sunday. I’m excited. This will be my first half that I will have done TWICE. I wonder if it will be better or worse (just as good?) as last year.  I’ve never done a repeat of a race which is weird to say.

Despite being crazy busy with work, working out, and all the other jobs I have…some good things have managed to pop-up…

Got invited to join Ignite Naturals #TeamIgnite! 
Got a 6 month Rocksbox membership as a gift! 
Spent Sunday Funday with Yelp! Pays to be Elite! Then my package from Cosmo arrived today! I won some goodies just for tweeting.
Most important question of the week: best place for post NYC Half brunch? TELL ME. I need reservations and something to run for on Sunday 😉 

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