Post NYC Half recovery week

My quads were BURNING for days after last weekend’s NYC Half marathon. BURNING. This happened during the Miami Half as well. Apparently it has to do with acceleration while running (or this is the conclusion I have come to after doing all my research on the Google).

Despite quads that felt like they were going to fall off me, I still went for a workout this week and oddly, it felt better after Tuesday’s workout. No running (well some), just lots of cross-training (in case you wanted to know: here’s my post on the Classpass blog on getting cross-training into your running plan).

Mondayrest day 

Tuesday2 workouts: an hour at Uplift with Michelle, then a 45 minute workout with my boyfriend at Throwback Fitness

Wednesdayrest day (okay forced rest day as I just didn’t have time in my schedule)

Thursday45 minute Signature Row at CityRow then FitMapped’s Fitness Spring Break. 

FitMapped hosted a great event at Westin Grand Central.  My sister went to their summer event and loved it so we went.  Lots and lots of juice samples! Of my favorite is Suja juice and OatWorks smoothies. A yoga teacher from Mang’oh Yoga lead us through some stretches and meditation. Then a panel of nutrition experts including FitMapped founder, Anita Mirchandani, took questions from the audience about healthy living. Also to top off the night, I won tickets to the fitness episodes of Katie Couric’s talk show.

Friday rest day


  • 45 min outdoor class with Throwback Fitness
  • BurnThis challenge: 30 minutes of Body Space Fitness, 30 minutes of CityRow, 30 minutes of barre at Flex Studios
  • 50 minute Brooklyn Bodyburn class
I have learned my lesson – 5 classes in a day is my max.  I had the Burnthis challenge on my calendar for days but on Thursday, TBF emailed and said they were hosting a free class outdoors so the boyfriend and I were all over it (as long as you and SO are on the same team – I think TBF is a great couples workout haha).   Since it was at the East River Park, instead of rowing, we ran and played capture the flag. Crazy fun but still managed to leave me breathless and tired.

After brunch, I headed over to the Burnthis challenge with team Body Space Fitness.  Each studio had a team of 15 participants, who rotated among the other studios, CityRow and FlexStudios. For each 30 minute session, we did a shorten version of their 1hr and 45 minute classes. During a challenge at BSF, I won the pushup contest! With 37 pushups! So I won a $25 gift card to Hu Kitchen.
Because I had no time to use up my intro 5 pack of classes from Brooklyn Bodyburn by this Thursday and had no time with family visiting, work and alumni events, I HAD to go on Saturday. Therefore, BB was more brutal than usual.  Luckily, I went home with my Hu Kitchen dinner of baked chicken and sweet potatoes (which sounds super simple but is the most delicious thing ever). 

Sunday50 minute class with Jason Tran at The Fhitting Room then 50 minutes of Brooklyn Bodyburn with Abby. 

I seriously had no idea what I was doing. I was straight up exhausted from the day before. Luckily Jason and Abby are just energetic, awesome and hilarious, it kept me going.

Monday – rest day but seriously my abs, back and legs hurt, I think I’ll blame Brooklyn Bodyburn for that….I guess I can blame Throwback Fitness, Body Space Fitness, CityRow, Flexstudios, and The Fhitting Room for that.

In good news, I got accepted to the ShapeUp NYC group fitness instructor program! And I got picked to be a I’m Fit Possible ambassador!

I'm Fit Possible

What good things happened to you this past week?

One thought on “Post NYC Half recovery week

  1. Hi Jane Congratulations! I am also a I'm FitPossible Ambassador, and reside in NYC. I wanted to ask you when is the next time they will be offering the ShapeUp NYC group fitness instructor program! again? I looked and it seems that the course is closed at this time. Any information will be greatly appreciated. You can email me at


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