Spring forward

Happy 40th post!

I can’t believe March is over, and it’s already April 2nd! Here are the 7 awesome things that have happened/discovered/rediscovered in the past 30 days:

7)  SparklySoul headbands

Photo cred: SparklySoul
My hair has never looked better while sweating it out! I stumbled into Jackrabbit one day and they have a ton so using my 10% discount, I bought a thin black one (normally $15). Loved it so much that I ended up buying another at the NYC Half Expo less than a week later (a thick green one that is normally $17 but was on sale for $10!). I have longish bangs so these are a lifesaver!

6) Oatworks & chocolate soy/almond milk

At an event few weeks ago, I tried some samples including a chocolate almond milk sample (I don’t remember what brand it was) and Oatworks.  I never liked chocolate milk when I did drink milk (I’m now lactose intolerant) so this was a revelation (I like this stuff!). I haven’t found chocolate almond milk in any store I’ve been in but I have found chocolate soy milk (close enough).

  Oatworks is an oat based smoothie that’s dairy-free! It’s amazing. They have 3 flavors but the strawberry and the peach mango are my favorites.

5) Subscription box services

I have now bought into the whole subscription box service now. As a present, I got a 6 month subscription to Rocksbox.  I never buy jewelry since I just get bored with it so this is so useful. I get to dress up my wardrobe without committing.  If you like something enough, you can buy it discounted.  Use my referral code to try it out.

This led me to trying out Graze.  When I saw a free box discount code, I decided to try it out.  It came a few days ago and I love it! On the website, you get to rank all the different foods they offer so they know what to send you.  It’s all healthy yet tasty good food (also includes calorie counts if you’re into that). Want to try it out? Use my referral code to get your 1st and 5th box for free: JANER6LCP.

4) Fitness events

I went to so many fitness events this month Fitmappeds Spring Break, Athletes Club event at City Row (read their recap here), and the Burnthis Chelsea Challenge.

Burnthis is hosting another challenge this weekend a west side crosstraining one (and yes I signed up for it!) I not only love classes but actual events. 

3) Becoming an ambassador of sorts

Yesterday, I got chosen for #BibRavePro by BibRave. BibRave is an awesome review site for racing (think Yelp for races!). As someone who has close to 600 reviews on Yelp, I always felt weird writing race reviews on the site but now BibRave has solved that problem.

2) Running

Apparently I can still pull off fast races (NYC Half & Washington Heights 5k) by doing the bare minimum of running (thanks polar vortex) but still working out a ton (lots and lots of spin and rowing classes).

PHOTO CRED: Fitness Runs – Nathaniel Oliver

I’m slowly discovering “running” type classes in NYC.  Barry’s Bootcamp incorporates the treadmill and sprints and so does Body Space Fitness’s Training for Warriors.  I tried out Fitness Runs last Monday and loved it – lots of sprints and drills designed especially for runners.  I loved it so much I signed up for their Run+Yoga class which is FREE at Finish Line PT on 23rd street next Monday at 6:30pm.

1) Family

It’s a sad realization that I’m now at an age that I only see family at weddings or funerals. That really needs to change.  Either way I finally caught up with my cousins this month- sadly because of another cancer death on that side of the family :(.

PHOTO CRED: Ms. Paula R./Tim!

Things to look forward to in April: Shape Up NYC fitness instructor training starting, vacation in Florida! MY BIRTHDAY, lots of outdoor running.

April goal: Keep doing MyFitnessPal – so far I’m 60 days strong! And Brooklyn Half training!

What are your April goals?

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