It’s gonna be May

I’m not sure where the time went. It’s been 3 weeks since I last posted and it’s been crazy with two trips, my birthday, working, working out, teacher training, etc! April has been a crazy month. Now for updates:

1) BibRave Pro!

I mentioned earlier that I’m Bibrave pro! What that means is I get some perks like the awesome tank and Procompression socks that came in the mail recently. (side note my Procompression socks and lightweight – unlike my other compression socks. I’m absolutely in LOVE with these).

The awesome thing about being a BibRave Pro is races! I’ll be checking out 3 race partners: St. Jude’s 15k in Ridgewood, NJ on 6/8, 8/9/14 Camp Chingachgook Half in Lake George and 8/17 Falmouth Road Race 7 miler in Cape Cod. Pretty excited since I’ve never raced in any of these locations before.  Also, he Lake George and Cape Cod ones will be perfect summer time racecations

2) New gear
I’ve already mentioned how amazing my Procompression socks are but I’ve been able to get some other new gear this month as well. For my birthday, I got an awesome present of Treadfast barre/grippy socks (thanks Nicole!).  Treadfast offers two pairs of grippy socks – knee highs and thigh highs (I’m modeling the knee high “Tiffany” socks below).  The best thing about these lightweight socks are how much better they are than regular ankle barre socks.  These stay in place and are just so much more comfortable for barre. 

Enough about socks for now…I also finally got myself cross training (non-running) shoes for strength training and it’s amazing how much lighter they feel (obviously you can tell I hate heavy things – sneakers, socks, etc.). Got myself the Nike’s at CitySports on sale on the far left. (If you’re wondering – yes I do keep a massive amount of sneakers in my cubicle).
3) Shape Up fitness instructor training
This Saturday is my midterm already! We’re 5 weeks in or half way through.  I have to teach a 5 minute routine to my 60 other classmates (no pressure or anything). So far the work has piled on, not because it’s a ton of work but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and study it (all those biology terms!).  

Tonight I was successful in putting together my routine (finally).  I’ve been randomly practicing in class in small groups which is fine but I don’t have control of the music in those situations but also I was caught by surprise each time we had to “teach” The purpose in those situations is to be able to talk and move at the same time (which is hard). I’m finding the “cue-ing” to the music to be hard but also the counting reps versus just speaking corrections during a timed piece. Tips anyone?

4) Brooklyn Half training update
It’s been painful to drag myself to classes because all I want to do is go running…outside! I’ve been doing a lot more running as well as kayaking in Florida which I hope to get back into this summer at the Brooklyn Bridge boathouse.  Lots of running will be helpful since I’m signed up for 5 races (soon to be 6 since my friend cancelled her wedding and I’m not missing Pride weekend or the pride run!). Check out my race and workout schedule

5) Ambassadorships!
You’re probably noticing lots of badges on here…well this past month, I’m now an IdeaFit inspired blogger and also a Girls Gone Sporty ambassador! 
Anyone doing the Brooklyn Half with me?! What are your May goals?

4 thoughts on “It’s gonna be May

  1. Cueing while moving gets easier! I used to work as a day camp dance counselor before I started teaching group fitness. That first summer it was SO hard getting used to talking, moving, and often times doing the mirror image of what my class was doing. With practice it gets much easier though and becomes second nature!



  2. Good to know that it gets easier. I think I've gotten more of a workout teaching and moving. Or it just leaves me even more sweaty.


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