Half #8: Brooklyn Half Recap

“Run Fast! Solange is coming!” and “You’re faster than the G train” were some of my favorite signs this year.

Honestly this whole week leading up to the Half, I just was NOT feeling it.  Last Saturday, I presented my midterm to my fellow Shape Up trainees and worked out with them for an hour, then went to the Fhitting Room for a workout. The next day I ran the Japan 4 miler.  I’ve been battling allergies for 2 weeks (and my workload) so I really haven’t been working out/running as much.

Also, just all of the feelings this week: I realized that May 17th (the day of the Half) was my 5 year anniversary of graduating college and 7 year anniversary of getting my associate’s (if you’re doing the math, yes, I did turn 25 last month), I was feeling old unaccomplished weird.  Then I found my goal list from when I was 21 of the things I would accomplish 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years out. It was pretty hilarious but also I had done half the stuff on there (i.e. half marathon AND marathon = check, law school = working on it, just put down a deposit this week for part-time in the fall 😉

I went to the pre-party/expo on Wednesday and was excited to go but it literally took 20 minutes to get there once getting off the Clark Street 2 stop.  It was so far! (ironic because I ran my 8th half yesterday). It just took too long to get to. I loved how there was a lot more room, space and vendors compared to last year.

Morning of the Half
When I got up at 6:15am and saw the sun the peeking through my curtains, I was like “nope – this isn’t happening.”  There would be no way to break my PR of 2:09:35 which I set last year at this half. Heat and sun just destroy me when running.  Even if it’s cold (i.e. the end of this year’s NYC Half).

We left the apartment around 7am, when wave 1 runners started.  By the time we got to the top of the park, I had to walk all the way around Grand Army to the start but it seemed like all the wave 2 runners were just getting there too. There was just piles of people at the security line. I was really anxious at the beginning standing in my corral. I saw the 2:10 pace leaders and was planning to follow them, then they disappeared.

The Race
If you start the race with a FML attitude, it’ll probably be just that. The FML attitude is really a great way to describe my feelings/mindset about this whole race.

Miles 1-7
Did anyone see the time at the start? Because the sister and I did not see it! At mile one, the time was 58 minutes or so. So I based my pace checks off of that.  I was keeping a solid pace for the first couple of miles but it was hard.  I could feel the incline at mile 1, and slowed down so much at the big hill around mile 4-5 in the park.

Right around mile 6, which is right where my apartment is, I was SERIOUSLY considering going home.  This is how checked out I was from the race. Everything was hurting much sooner than expected. I was walking through every single one of the water stations and drinking everything but I still felt dehydrated.

I kept going because I would hate myself if I quit. But also I gave my bib number to 30 other people in my Shape Up group so I knew the whole class (which I missed because of the race) was tracking me (later, I did find out they were tracking me with updates to the Facebook group so good thing I didn’t quit – they’re awesome and made a congratulatory video for the 4 of us from the group who ran!).

Mile 7 – 13
Hell began at mile 7 when we left the park.  Through this straight yet boring stretch of road, I was trying to find the 2:10 pacer and my sister who started in the corral before mine. It was so hot at this point. Luckily there was some shade on the left hand side of the street.  Watching the streets move down the alphabet is painful. I thought we turned after Avenue Z, but nope still another mile to go down.

Around mile 10, it hit me that we were almost done.  It felt like it had gone by faster than it really did.  Then mile 11 happened and it felt like time slowed down.  It felt like it was hotter by the second.  The last 800 meters or so, I was literally just jogging. My hands/arms were kinda numb (does this happen to anyone else? happens to me on long runs).

Not sure how I did it but I managed to finish in 2:21 – still 12 minutes of my PR but I’ll take it.

After party
There was NO cell service so eventually I made my way to the beach until I got service to call my sister.  We took some pics and made our way to the MCU Stadium.  This after party and the beach totally made running worth it.  It was a beautiful day to lay out.  We sat in the field until 12:30pm (when they kicked everyone out) listening to the band playing and eating hot dogs.

Hey little sister! 

Excited I don’t have any halfs coming up until August.  Yet I’m doing these races in June:

June 1 – Celebrate Israel 4 miler
June 8 – St. Jude’s 15K in Ridgewood, NJ
June 22 – Queens 10k
June 28 – Pride 5 miler

How was the Brooklyn Half for everyone else? Am I the only one who can’t handle the heat? HA 

5 thoughts on “Half #8: Brooklyn Half Recap

  1. Can't handle the heat; so I'm pretty thankful that as of now, I haven't dealt with it too much. I've been doing my long runs either late at night or reallyyy early in the morning, so I'm basically just doing my best to avoid it! Good for you for finishing!!!


  2. You still did awesome! I'm glad you didn't quit – that thought has definitely gone through my mind during tough races before. I am TERRIBLE in the heat. It's worse because I live in Florida, and the sun/heat/humidity is my kryptonite. When I did the LI Half a few years ago, it was so humid and the sun was so bad that I stopped to walk, which I never do. I'd rather run in a torrential downpour than run in the heat.


  3. Thanks! I was hoping it would rain on Saturday since it was down pouring Friday night. I'll always prefer the cold – never thought I would love near freezing weather but its good for running haha.


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