1st Giveway! Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill 5k

Note: Deadline extended to tomorrow, June 2 at 11:59PM EST. Get those Bibrave reviews up and enter all of the #BibRavePro Heartbreak Hill contests: Runs with Rabbits (5K) & Angie Runs (10K)

Friday, June 6th through Sunday, June 8th, Runner’s World is hosting Heartbreak Hill Festival in Newton, MA. This is their first time hosting in this area.  They’ve been hosting a similar one in Pennsylvania every October. I LOVE the idea of having a weekend of ALL things running and races.  In addition to hosting a half marathon, they’re also hosting a 10k and 5k on the Saturday of that weekend plus various seminars from running with your dog to women’s running to masters running. Check out the schedule.


As someone who used to live near Boston College, this area is beautiful and scenic and just a short ride into Boston (it’s basically on the city proper line). Sadly, I can’t attend (fitness instructor training on Saturdays and I’m running a 15k  in Ridgewood, NJ Sunday, 6/8).

Lucky for you kids, I’m giving away a 5k race entry! (My first blog giveaway!!!)

Here are the guidelines: 

  • Follow @bibrave and @HHHalf
  • Create a BibRave profile – bibrave.com
  • Write at least 5 reviews (though if you can do more, that’s always better!)
  • Tweet one of your reviews (photos encouraged)
  • Tweet at me (@janeprosales) @bibrave @HHHalf why you’d like to run this race
DEADLINE – Sunday, June 1st at 6pm EST! I’ll announce a winner that night.

Good luck kids!

One thought on “1st Giveway! Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill 5k

  1. Great Giveaway, I will be there with RW magazine in the blogger group. I have a couple discount codes for 15% off each race if you want to add it to your post. Will you be there?


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