Race Recap: Queens 10K

I’m not going to lie – I hate this race. Let me sum up this race as a “necessary evil” to get guaranteed NYC Half entry.

I ran this last year and really hated it but it was 1000x hotter last because it was mid-July. I’m glad they pushed this back to June. Luckily it was the same course so I knew what to expect.

To be honest, I haven’t really trained.  I ran that “15K” exactly 2 weeks ago and didn’t really run since (2 short runs this past week).  I obviously have been working out just not running. Luckily the weather the past few days was cool and perfect running weather.

My sister picked up our bibs a few days before the race. Weirdly enough we had eerily similar bib numbers.  We met at the subway and walked to the bathrooms and bag check together. Then split up (she needed to check a bag).

The corrals were just like last year – they were there but definitely did not fit everyone. I noticed it more in the 8000+ corrals especially in the 9000 one where I was. We slowly made our way to the start.  
The Race
According to the lovely live tracker, I started at 8:13am – 13 minutes after the race started.
The first mile was fine – lots of turns and curves.  It was miles 2 to 4 that I found especially painful. Just straight up boring, with long strips of cement pathway next to the highway (and a tad muddy though not as bad as last year). On the right hand side, there was Meadow Lake which was nice, sometimes a cool breeze would go by.  
Towards mile 4, the course was losing shade. A little after mile 4, I saw my sister! I think she threw a cup at me at the water station and started running away. Sadly I couldn’t keep up with her (she can have all the faster 5k, 10k, etc. times – I still have a faster half marathon times 😀 ). I followed her for almost a mile then just gave up completely. It was especially sunny and hot between mile 4 and 5. I had beat the boredom of the first 3 miles of the race but now I was just hot. 
I finally started to pick up the pace after the globe. See above. I started sprinting a little too early (probably mile 5.5) well before mile 6 but my legs felt good so I kept the pace. 
Final finish time…not bad, not my best (1:03). Luckily they had medals this year! I remember a ton of people complaining about it last year and I’m glad NYRR gave in and got them.  

So far, I’m not racing until August but trying to focus on running more. I haven’t picked a NYC Marathon training plan yet (19 weeks to go!) but at the very least I’d start with a 16 week plan.  Had I started a 20 week one, it would be last week. 

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