June recap & summer goals

June went by in a flash. My month can be summed up like this:

  • Running – Did the Queens 10K and a “15K”, both were hot but luckily the 15k was shaded. I really wanted to start a 20 week NYCM training program but I’ve been super lazy on that front. I also skipped out on a planned 4 mile race. As a side note, I signed up for the Bronx 10 Miler and the Camp Chingachgook Half in Lake George
  • Workouts – It’s been painful to force myself to go to the gym – I’ve canceled spin/yoga/etc. more times than I should have.  That being said, I still managed to try out YogaCharged at The Movement (highly recommend if you’re looking to change up your routine), BYKlyn (spinning – recommend if you live in the lovely Prospect Heights/Park Slope area), and checked out Exceed’s TriBeCa location (love their UES but this is so close to my office!).
  • Cooking – Finally tried Blue Apron! My trainer Michelle, sent me a free week of meals (3 meals for 2 people). I was a little hesitant at first, it’s pricey and the calories are a bit high (600-750 per meal) BUT I like it for 3 reasons: 1) it’s forced me to cook 2) cook and eat veggies I’ve never eaten before (i.e. a watermelon radish) 3) it’s fun to cook with the boyfriend – it’s a cute couples thing to do. The meals are delicious and it does test your culinary skills. I would definitely recommend this for couples or roommates or even a cheap fun option to do with friends. You can cancel delivery at any time and skip weeks if you want. I skipped a week and the boy and I were definitely missing it.

  • Group fitness instructor training – It’s done! I passed! My practical was 100x better and I felt much more confident. That being said, due to time commitments in the next couple of months (coughcoughlawschoolcough), I probably won’t be teaching anytime soon. 
  • Medals! – I GOT A MEDAL RACK! I LOVE IT! Best purchase ever. Plus it’s hanging right at the foot of my bed, it’s a nice reminder to get my @$$ up and go run. I specifically got this one from York Sign Shop on Etsy. 
Summer goals
Because my fall will be taken up with work and school and some running, here’s my summer goals:
Read more books for fun 
taking suggestions…and I don’t do fantasy or Harry Potter
Do NYC things 
Cloisters, MoMa, kayaking off one of the piers, the crab shack in Red Hook, etc.
Start NYC Marathon training 
focusing on creating a strong base before the fall
A trail race!
I’ve never done one before – hopefully I’ll be doing one!

Visit friends 
I’m bad at keeping in touch but I’m visiting South Carolina, and hopefully Boston & DC!
Must try all the fitness studios
Tone House, SLT, Brooklyn Zoo are among classes I’ve been dying to try, luckily two of those are on Classpass
I say this every summer but I only go twice, maybe 3 times but I really need to do this more often.
What are your summer goals? Running goals? Summer running goals?

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