That one time I went on a juice cleanse

I’ve always wondered about juices….and I’m not talking about regular juices. I’m talking about the legit juice cleanses.

I interviewed a fitness instructor who told me one of her biggest accomplishments was going on the Master Cleanse (14 days – water, cayenne, lemon, etc.). She said it tested her discipline. I sorta thought it was nuts.

Lately I’ve been playing around with the idea. I’ve been having stomach aches more frequently probably because I’m eating worse not better (I blame summer) and I’m drinking too much coffee. One random Saturday, even with 2 spin classes, I had smoothies for the 1st half of the day and Juice Press juice before dinner. Weirdly enough it held me over.

On a random Wednesday, the day after a Yelp event, I pulled the trigger.   I had stocked up on some juice – some bottles from Juice Press and some from Magic Mix Juicery in the Financial District. Not gonna lie, it’s not cheap.  However, I have discounts from Athlete’s Club (25% off cleanses and 20% off everything else).

Highly recommend “Detox Painkiller” from Magic Mix Juicery, I don’t feel the same way about that Green Giant

That day I had a Juice Press almond latte and left overs of 2 Juice Press juices I wasn’t fond of (Green Giant and Drink Your Salad – the texture didn’t sit well with me), a smoothie (sorta cheating right?), and a Magic Mix green juice which was delicious!

I was super productive that Wednesday and came crashing down around 4pm. I didn’t have to stop for lunch so I kept working. I had a spin class scheduled for 7:30pm but I couldn’t do it, by 6pm I was too tired to move. I didn’t feel hungry, just REALLY TIRED. Two hours later I made it home, with a stop at Magic Mix Juicery.

I kept up this mess Thursday with the intent of eating dinner (because I made dinner plans with my friend Shelly before a healthy eating event). That was a good idea because I was starting to break around lunch time Thursday. When I got the restaurant I ordered some chicken and veggie dish which seemed easy enough on my stomach. I was very full after that.

After dinner, we made it to a healthy eating event.  We had signed up for it months ago. Robyn Openshaw of was lecturing about her book “How to Eat Right in the Real World.”  It was a good talk and the book is an easy read.

Photo Cred: Shelly!
In a nutshell, she teaches eating lots of real, whole foods and eating for a high vibration life (eat foods with high vibrations – veggies, legumes, fruits and avoid low vibration (soda, meat, etc), eating a mostly veggie diet with little animal protein (meat isn’t even on her GreenSmoothieGirl food pyramid) but she won’t call herself a vegan or vegetarian. She teaches to avoid eating toxins (soda, splenda, meat, MSG, pork, corn syrup).  She also really hates the Paleo diet (the idea of eating a lot of animal protein – she cites “The China Study” a lot. Her book reads more like a blog than it does a book per say but it’s still an interesting read with good tips for eating healthy on a budget and traveling.
She also had some great quotes…thanks to Shelly for this pic!
I had some more juice when I got home from the event and continued my semi-juice cleanse on Friday. I also fully planned to eat for dinner. 
Some of the great things I loved about just juicing
  • Not drinking coffee helped me avoid awkward stomach aches in the morning (my stomach hates soy milk but I’m lactose intolerant) so no bloating
  • No need to stop and eat! So productive!
  • Juice is yummy…even green juice is yummy
  • It does stop the cravings/food habits (especially noticed this at work since I’m drinking juice and not snacking on EVERYTHING)
  • Stomach felt good for the first time in a while
  • It’s nice to have a decent amount of nutrients in one bottle and you don’t have to prep a thing!

Things I did not like
  • “what happens to your poop?!” yelled my roommate when I told her about my experiment. Despite my stomach feeling better this was an issue. Honestly I probably would keep going to see how long I could go on except for that WHOLE issue…I’ll let eHow explain.
  • Being so tired I couldn’t work out for 3 days (even after I started eating) – I went to 2 classes Saturday and was so exhausted despite all the sleep I’ve been getting (maybe blame the lack of caffeine?)
  • This cost lots of $$$$$ 

What I’m sticking with.
I will never go on a full day or 3 day cleanse plus marathon training starts this week. However, I haven’t had iced coffee in days (GO ME!) so I’ve been sleeping a TON.  I ate some yummy things Sunday (hard cider, pancakes, bacon, fried chicken wings, fries) but I ate much less of it. 
I do like having juice as a replacement of me snacking on everything in the office and the idea of drinking my veggies. I don’t think juicing is the way to go if you work out as often as I do, it’s definitely fine if you’re trying to debloat quickly but other than that, I’m not sure if all the side effects are worth it. It is delicious though…
If you’re going to try a juice, try to go for sweet juices. Anything else might be a shock to you.  Also highly recommend Magic Mix Juicery’s Cold Cure (OJ, pineapple, kale and Vitamin C) juice.
Also great article on juicing from Well & Good today.
Any runners try juicing and running? Tell me about it. Is this even possible?

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