The Start of Marathon Training…or not

First of all, congrats to Julia for winning the blog birthday giveaway! She got a $30 RoadID giftcard.

As for running lately, I should have started NYC marathon training the week of July 14.  Somehow I got knocked down by this ridiculous virus that doctors said “should run it’s course.”

My only symptoms were a fever and a sore throat. The remnants of the virus are a really bad cough. Worsened by my asthma…and the fact that I went off to Charleston last weekend (and stayed with a friend with a dog & I’m allergic to dogs).
I felt better this week but I’m out of breath quickly and all this coughing. I only did 4 workouts this week: 2 miles Tuesday, hour long strength training then 3 miles later that night, and 3.78 miles on Saturday. Everything felt so hard this week even though not working out for over a week has been the longest in recent memory that I’ve gone without working out.  I’m following a marathon training plan that I put together based on my experience last year and the time that I don’t have: basically a long run, 2 short runs, and cross-training.
I haven’t had the time lately to do more but also I couldn’t. I need to start running more but so far the only marathon anything I’ve been doing is…eating….
As my friend Beth was visiting NYC for the weekend and needed to write up some Yelp reviews and take some pics for her food oriented Instagram (check it out!). We ate everything.
Now I present to you Jane & Beth’s adventures through NYC eating: 

Restaurant week entrees at El Toro Blanco
Buttermilk Channel’s Fried Chicken & Waffles 

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery LES round 2 of the weekend! 

Zenkicki’s seasonal menu: 7 (or 8?) course meal – fried eel with rice & seaweed
Zenkicki’s dessert: pick one dessert plus truffles – got myself the black sesame mousse

Rayuela’s brunch! LOVE this place

Doughnut Plant LES! SO GOOD.

I ate everything this weekend but me and Beth shared things so it wasn’t too bad. I obviously need to hit the pavement really badly.  AH stupid virus & asthma!

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