Trail Master Killah 5K Review

My first trail race! It was fun, gorgeous and hilly. And I take back what I said from last weekend, this was the hilliest race I’ve ever run.

Vert Race Series hosted the Trail Master Killah race.  They are a Boston-based company that hosts small, fun races in Massachusetts. They have recently expanded to NYC.

I borrowed my parent’s car to drive down to the Bronx (yes I live in NYC but I went up to my parent’s house Upstate to get the car the night before.

After an hour and 15 minutes of driving, I made it to the Bronx. The race started at the Tortoise & Hare statute. Except there was no parking there so I parked in the Van Cortlandt golf course parking lot. I was planning on parking by the statue but there was no parking there. So I had no idea to get to the start when I parked in the golf course parking lot.

I ended up following a group of people to the start, a few who drove down from Boston for it and wanted to do all of Vert’s races. Weirdly enough I worked with one of those runners back in the day when I worked in Boston. What a small world.

A 15 minute walk later, we were at the registration/start line. I picked up my shirt and bib. Then proceeded to drop my shirt off in bag check because I didn’t want to go all the way back to my car. There weren’t any bathrooms or port-a-potties by registration so I walked to the nature house (?) where the bathrooms were.

The Race
It was a relatively small race (race results say 242 finishers). They started lining people up around 10:55am for the 11am start so I ran from the bathrooms back. Even though there weren’t corrals, I didn’t have any issue with crowding.

We started right on time! Part of the course is running the dirt track where the starting line was (and at one part next to the pavement where some runners were running). After the track we entered the trail.

This course was beautiful and hilly. There was one part were the hill was ridiculously steep so I walked it with all the other runners around me. The course wasn’t marked with mileage but the volunteers knew where how much further you had to go.

The trail might be a hiking trail that was being leveled out with wood. See above. The 90% of this course had these every few feet which was annoying jumping and running over them.

I NEVER take running selfie pics but it happened

The race started and ended in the same spot. Although it wasn’t 100% on trails (parts were on cement), it was awesome and a really great experience.

This was also their first time hosting this race ever.  I’ve been to first time races before and this race just wasn’t a hot mess that other first time races are.

After the race was over, everyone walked over to the the Golf Course’s main building where the after party was held where there was free food and beer and dancing. Even though I didn’t stay for the dancing, it was a good time and a great location. They had a shaded deck right by a little lake.

This shirt was really comfy and cute. I usually HATE race shirts ha.
Post race snacks
Disclaimer: A complimentary race entry was provided to me by Vert Race Series. All opinions are my own. 

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