Small victories

“If you’re going through hell, keep going” – bottle cap wisdom

The month of September felt like a struggle on all fronts. The first semester of law school sucks for everyone. My tendonitis in my left foot is back which made the Philly Half rough. I was supposed to do the Bronx 10 miler on Sunday but woke up late with a Charley’s Horse. I got hit hard with allergies and my nose wouldn’t stop running last week. Now I sound like I’ve been smoking for years (raspy throat).

A few nights ago, I read an article from Levo League titled “When You’re Not the One” and it hit close to home.  I don’t always tell people my secret hopes and dreams but when you have a chance at that dream job, opportunity, man, etc and the opportunity slips through your hands, it’s an upsetting.

Recently it happened to me and normally I’d get over it quickly but not this time. I’m still replaying everything in my head and I can’t stop. In a way, this article reminded me that I need to move on. As Maxie so elegantly puts it: “My head gets it while my heart still flickers with disappointment.”

And with that here is the good and my October goals:

The Good – because you need to celebrate small victories

  • Fitfluential! I’m a Fitfluential ambassador now! 
  • #FitblogNYC! – I’m going! It’s invite only and had to apply. It’s in two weeks and is hosted by Fitness Magazine here in NYC. I’m super excited especially reading other bloggers’ reviews of past Fitblog meet ups. 
  • Bibrave Pro– This week I got a huge pack of Hoist samples in the mail and just got the email confirmation about my Clifbar samples in the mail! Full reviews will be coming but I do love the Strawberry Lemonade Hoist flavor. 
  • Complete Body – I’ve worked in the building across from this gym for almost 3.5 and not once went in. Now that it’s on Classpass, so I went yesterday and loved the 45 min cross training class which I took during lunch. Now I have no excuses not to workout even when I’m time crunched. 
  • NYC MARATHON IS 4 WEEKS AWAY! SO excited yet so scared.
  • I’ve survived 6 weeks of law school. 

October Goals

  1. Workout 4x a week – I was really great at getting my workouts in the beginning of the month but I’ve blown off about 6 workouts in the past 2 weeks.
  2. Foam roll – must do more of it or I won’t survive the NYC marathon
  3. Do homework on the weekends – I’m failing at this and staying up way to late to catch up on homework during the week.
  4. Eat better – Terrible, terrible idea to ask for a snack drawer at work and get one….which is located right behind me. 
  5. Get off coffee – remember when I said I stopped drinking coffee this summer? Well law school happened and I’m back on it like a good addict.  Must stop drinking coffee. 
What are your goals this fall? Or even this month? 

One thought on “Small victories

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