More than just a gym bag: Apera review

Back in July, I was in the market for an all purpose bag. I bought a Longchamp bag 3 years ago that I beat to death. The handles were slowly falling apart and stitching it up didn’t help.

I drag my bags/purses/shoes/etc. through hell. Work files don’t usually fit into regular sized bags plus workout clothes and food for work and my workouts. I ended up buying a over the shoulder black Under Armour bag at a discount outlet but they couldn’t hold anything heavy and the straps dug into my skin. I was looking for an everything bag NOT exclusively a work or gym bag.

Enter – Apera.

Apera makes sport bags but they are much more than your average gym bag. Honestly, it was perfect timing! I needed the bag I picked to be:

  1. Sturdy – handle lots of wear and tear
  2. Professional looking 
  3. Roomy – it needed to handle laptops, food, textbooks, files, etc. 
As much as I hate book bags, I caved and got one. Since they let me pick, I ordered the Tech Pack in black (which was also available in 2 other colors: white and pink).It’s just the only way to carry everything and I do mean EVERYTHING.

For instance, today, I went to work, then worked out at Barry’s Bootcamp then immediately went to class. So what did I have to bring with me today: running sneakers, clothes, dry shampoo, my makeup bag, my 2 contracts books (one hardcover 300 page – another 200 page soft cover, a folder, a notebook in addition to my snacks for work and school and a Camelbak water bottle. 
Sounds like a lot but it didn’t look like a lot.  I once ran out of the house and didn’t need my sneakers that day and completely forgot they were still in there! 
There are so many positives with this bag that I don’t know where to begin. There are separate shoe compartment, separate laptop compartment, another compartment for electronics, it even comes with its own sleeve for clothes! This video is the best at explaining all the amazingness: 
What makes Apera different is the Antimicrobial Product Protection. You can read all about it here but in short, it keeps your bags clean by resisting the “formation of bacterial odor on the inside and outside of the entire bag.” It’s amazing because even those days where I workout and get sweaty in the morning at the gym, go to work with my dirty clothes in my bag, the bag doesn’t get grimy or smell gross!
Photo credit
I legitimately use this bag EVERY SINGLE DAY and I love it. I could have ordered in white or pink as well but black works. It’s really designed for the busy fitness lover.  They sometimes show up at races (like the Rock N’ Roll Philly Half where I saw them!) but you can order online as well. They also sell other bags like below: 
Yoga Tote
Duffel Pack
Or you can win one of your own by providing your email for their newsletters. They giveaway a bag monthly! Check out

Disclaimer: Apera provided me with a complimentary Tech Pack. All opinions are my own. 

2 thoughts on “More than just a gym bag: Apera review

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