Friday Five & Hoist Review

Happy Friday! I’m too excited – tomorrow’s the Uplift Triathlon and Sunday is the Staten Island Half. Yes, I’m doing both! Plus there’s 23 days to the NYC Marathon. I’m so not ready but I’m excited.

Some links I’m loving this week:

In other news, last week I got a huge shipment of Hoist.

I tried out Hoist’s two flavors that they sent me (Starfruit and Strawberry Lemonade) through a variety of activities: Barry’s Bootcamp, a cross training class at Complete Body, a 4 mile run, and after a sweaty strength training workout.

My favorite thing about these drinks other than the flavor was that they don’t feel sugary or heavy, which makes it perfect for a hydration during a run. Also, during Barry’s (which if you’re not familiar with – it’s a lot of sprints on the treadmill with strength training for an hour), I tend to sweat a lot in that class and I thought this drink was perfect for that as well. Again it didn’t feel heavy or make me feel gross by ingesting it.Of course since it’s an isotonic drink, I felt completely hydrated during and post workout.

The Strawberry Lemonade packs a punch has a lot more flavor than Starfruit but I liked Starfruit as well.  Depends on your preference!

What makes this different than other drinks?

I didn’t even know what an istonic drink was. Here’s how they break it down on their website:

An isotonic drink has a similar carbohydrate and electrolyte concentration to your body, meaning that your body will absorb them faster than water alone. Isotonic is a measure of osmotic pressure, meaning how cells respond to an external solution. When a solution is isotonic, it can freely cross cellular membranes because the solute concentration is the same as your body’s natural fluids.
Because Hoist is isotonic, your body can start absorbing rejuvenating electrolytes from the first sip.

The only con here – that you can’t get it at your supermarket and will definitely have to order online. They have a “find Hoist” page on their website and the closest place I can get it is 205 miles away!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary shipment of Hoist through BibRavePro ambassadorship. These are my honest opinions.

One thought on “Friday Five & Hoist Review

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