Race Recap: Staten Island Half

Three weeks ago, I barely ran the Rock n’ Roll Philly Half. Two weeks ago, even though I still had foot pain, I still planned on doing the Bronx 10 miler but failed to wake up for it and got a Charley’s Horse that morning.

Well that might have been a blessing in disguise.

4/6 – qualified for the NYC Half!

My sister, roomie and I all ran the Staten Island Half so we all carboloaded the night before together. (pad thai and lots of pasta and lots of cookies). We even tried all of my goodies that I got: Nuun, Clif Bars and Luna bars (which we all had for breakfast).

Glad I had friends doing the race with me. It’s always so lonely when I do a race alone. We were thinking we’d get the 7:30am ferry but took the 7am ferry instead which was packed. Luckily the Staten Island ferry terminal is 1) warm 2) had flushing toilets 3) has coffee.  I had some coffee but not much since I already drank Nuun Energy with caffeine with my mini Clif Bars for breakfast.

The race started at 8:30 so we spent an hour in the terminal hanging out. We were in corrals 10 and 11 so there was no way we started at 8:30am (official time said that I started at 8:48am). Even though we had carboloaded hard core the night before, I was still hungry. So I started eating some of my Clif blok shots.

The three of us started together and my plan was to race conservatively because of my foot issues. I did buy brand new shoes which I had done a few miles in but my longest run in them were 4 miles.

For the first few miles I was running with my sister which was probably my PR pace and was weirdly fast. My roomie peaced out immediately – she eventually clocked in at 1:55. I finally lost my sister at mile 5 when I got hot and needed to stop to take my top long sleeve layer off.

By mile 6, I saw wild turkeys for the first time in forever. I guess I was used to seeing them upstate but I haven’t seen them in a while. I was also hungry so I started eating the rest of my Clif Blok shots, which were wild berry flavored.

This race went by weirdly fast. When I hit mile 9, I was thinking “maybe they mismarked this course? There’s no way I only have 4 miles to go.” I probably said that too soon because some of the hardest hills were in the last 4 miles and my hip start to tighten so I stopped to stretch it out.

The course was a out and back course with some really good views of the city and the Verrazano Bridge and similar to the Brooklyn Half ended right in a baseball stadium which was pretty cool.

I clocked in at 2:25 which was SO MUCH BETTER THAN PHILLY 3 WEEKS PRIOR! 🙂 I believe that time was 3:06 or 3:07. It’s amazing the difference new shoes and foam rolling will do.

The sis and I both got new Asics shoes! Mine are the pink ones. 

Now the real question is…will I survive the NYC Marathon? (probably not but I’m going to try anyways).

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