Fitness Magazine’s #FitBlogNYC Meet & Tweet

A few weeks ago I saw that Fitness magazine was hosting their annual #FitBlogNYC event. It’s a yearly event for fitness and healthy living bloggers to get together in NYC. It’s invite only so you had to apply and see if you got an invitation.

Luckily, I got one!

Name tag! 

I took the day off from work and got myself uptown to the Mercedes Club (which may be nicer than Equinox if that’s possible).

Doors opened at 9:30am and I rolled in around 9:40 and waited in line for a bit to check in.

I checked my bags and grabbed breakfast, which was so yummy. Loved the food at the event.

Around 10:10am, we started the panels for the day, which were about 30 minutes each.

  • Fitness trends one with Holly Rilinger 
  • Staying healthy in a hardcore world with Dr. Marci Goosby of the Hospital of Special Surgery
  • Eating healthy with Carla Hall (of Top Chef fame & The Chew)
  • My Digital Brand is my business with Bianca Jade of Mizz Fit, Anne Mauney, R.D., Laura Sykora
Holly Rilinger chatting workouts
All the panels were really insightful. I found Carla to be the most hilarious and Dr. Goolsby to be the most helpful (she chatted about running injuries and lady athlete problems :::coughperiodcough:::). The last panel’s advice on growing your social media presence and your brand was spot on. 
Yet the theme that resonated throughout was authenticity and passion. Not only is it good life advice but it really applies to everything – branding, business, work, etc. I live tweeted a lot of good stuff so check out my Twitter and the hashtag #FitBlogNYC. 
In between the last two panels was lunch and visiting each station. A bunch of great businesses had tables and if you visited each station, you got a sticker for your board, which got your swag bag at the end of the day. Got some LUNA bars, new sneakers from Hoka One One, Balance Bar samples, Eddie Bauer’s cold weather running tech shirt, Pure Protein, Demalogica samples, and so much more.

LUNA’s newest flavors!

Pair 1 of 2 new sneakers I got today! Thanks Hoka One One.

Oh speaking of lunch – so glad it wasn’t like the reviews I read of #Fitblognyc last year (apparently last year’s was packaged!). This year was all fresh and healthy!

Other than all the great food, swag and panels – I LOVED chatting with fellow fitness bloggers. Obviously I ended up chatting about running with almost everyone I met today and I love that. 
I skipped out on the 3 mile run (which was the last 30 minutes of the day) because lucky for me I won tickets to the Food Network’s kick off event for Wine & Food Festival which was tonight.  So I dragged my swag bag all the way home (that thing must have weighed 30lbs +), changed, studied a bit before class, went to class, then immediately out for the event. 

all smiles before I realized carrying that thing for 15 blocks was not fun
I’ve already tried out a few things in this bag – the lemon vanilla LUNA bar which is my new favorite flavor, Fatty Sunday’s chocolate cover pretzels, and Citruszing water bottle. I’m so excited to try out the rest of the stuff – there’s so much sunscreen, yoga balls, water bottles, 2 pairs of sneakers, lots of food and spices, sports drinks, air freshener (!), dry shampoo, hair care, and skin and dental care. Honestly, anything you may need would be in this bag.
So happy I got invited to this event! Thanks so much Fitness magazine!!!!
P.S. Check out their new website! It’s really so much better.

2 thoughts on “Fitness Magazine’s #FitBlogNYC Meet & Tweet

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