Drink up! – Nuun Review

Anyone FREAKING OUT about the NYC Marathon like I am? 
As a spoiler alert to this review, I totally plan on stopping by the Nuun table at the NYC Marathon expo today and buying some Nuun Energy. 

Story of my life – I’m obsessed with Law & Order
A few weeks ago, I got a great sample of Nuun products. Admittedly, I’ve had Nuun a few times before – at races (Nike Women’s Half) and race expos (I’ve tried almost every flavor). I thought it was good but maybe not what I’d care to pay for….now that’s changed. 
What is Nuun?
It’s an electrolyte tab used for the purpose of hydrating you faster!
“Nuun is hydration, without the sugar – a refreshing alternative to many of the options in the beverage market today. “

How is it different?
They’re tabs and they fizz when you put them in water! Drop the tablets in water and 2 minutes later they are good to go.  Nuun has different types: the Nuun All Day, Regular Nuun, and Nuun Energy. Depends on what you’re looking for. 
As I mentioned I got packs of Nuun – 2 of the regular Nuun (grape and lemon+lime), Nuun Energy (wild berry) and All Day Nuun (Tangerine Lime). I loved all of them (not Grape – I just don’t do Grape anything). All the flavors are light and I do love the fizz of the drinks.  I love that the Nuun Energy has caffeine because it can be tough to have coffee before a race. I had some Nuun Energy right before the Staten Island Half which helped a lot (I’m a bit of a coffee addict). These tabs do only half 40mg of caffeine so you may need a bit more than usual to get that caffeine buzz if you’re caffeine addicted like me. That being said, it’s not heavy like coffee nor will upset your stomach. 

All Day Nuun is another favorite. This is actually all gone already and has been gone for weeks. Like I’ve said before, I try to workout even on days that I have a full work day plus evening law school. Those days suck but I need an extra boost of energy. These don’t have caffeine and they function in the way other vitamin enhanced drinks work but with a hydration point. There’s zero sugar, under 8 calories per tab, and a blend of A, B, C, D, E vitamins

Then there’s the (regular) Nuun.  It’s just so light and flavorful. I let my sister have the grape and she loves it – said it tastes like a jollyrancher.  There are so many flavors for the regular Nuun so whatever you want, you can find.
For now, Nuun Energy takes the pre-race hydration spot.
Disclaimer: I received a complimentary shipment of Nuun through BibRavePro ambassadorship. These are my honest opinions.

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