FlipBelt Review

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary FlipBelt thanks to Bibrave‘s BibRavePro ambassadorship. All opinions are my own. 

Less than two weeks before the NYC Marathon and I got an email from Bibrave about trying out FlipBelt.  I always wondered about these things as I wear the usual pocket waist belts (I had a SpiBelt).  They’re usually fine but they bounce and don’t hold too much.

I immediately took my discount code and ordered a purple FlipBelt.  I got it just two days later! Just in time for the NYC Marathon.

My purple FlipBelt matches everything else I own. Yes!
So how do you use this thing?
Apparently I didn’t know how to use FlipBelt.  There’s a reason why it’s called FlipBelt.  I’ve worn this exactly twice – on a 4-mile run and the NYC Marathon. The first time I used it – I loved it. It fit perfectly. Until I realized that my hand sanitizer fell out of the belt. Boo. 
The second time I wore it, I actually used it correctly.  I was in my corral with my sister listening to the couple behind me and trying to figure out what language they were speaking (German? Polish? Dutch?), when I got tapped on the shoulder by the woman.  In her accented English, she reminded me to “flip” the belt because she didn’t want my things falling out.  I said thanks but was super embarrassed. 
This is why it’s called FlipBelt. I flipped the belt and ran off. After 26.2 miles of hills and winds, nothing fell out. And nothing bounced. I actually forgot I was wearing it.

From FlipBelt’s website
So in case you were wondering, to get into the belt you stand into it and pull it up to your hips or waist, put things in it, and FLIP the belt. Here’s a how-to video: 
What can you carry in it?
For the NYC marathon, I wore it right on my hip bones and carried:
  • 2 Clif BLOK shots
  • my inhaler 
  • iPhone 5C
  • second set of headphones
  • mini pack of tissues
  • mini hand sanitizer 
I honestly could fit more things like a Luna or Clif bar. I didn’t need my keys for the race but there is a cool key holder in the front. I forgot my lipgloss. My ID and credit cards were in my back pants pocket. All of these things could have fit with all of the above things I actually carried.

One in every color please!
Will it fit?
Of course it will.  I’ve seen FlipBelt before but was a bit afraid of buying one because you can’t try them on. On a good day, I wear a size 4. Sometimes, I wear a 6.  So I ordered a medium. The website also says it depends on how you want to wear it. If I wore it on my waist I’d probably get a small but I wore it the hips so the medium fit perfectly.  Not tight, nor loose. It was perfect. It could definitely stretch out a bit more but even so it stays put. Plus it’s machine washable (mine was grimy after 26.2 miles so it needed to be washed).

Hair flipping and FlipBelt!

Will I ever go back to any other belt? No. This doesn’t bounce at all and is really comfy.  I offered my sister my old belt for the race and she said no – all belts bounce.  However, FlipBelt really doesn’t bounce at all. 

Interested in getting one? You can find them at your local running/sports store or order on FlipBelt’s website.  They retail for $28.99 and they are worth it.  Check it out for yourselves!
Disclaimer: I received a complimentary FlipBelt thanks to Bibrave‘s BibRavePro ambassadorship. All opinions are my own. 

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