So I’m doing the NYC Triathlon

You know what happens after a big accomplishment (i.e. like a half or marathon), you end up signing up for things (like all the races!).  I ended up entering the lottery for the NYC Triathlon two days after the NYC marathon because that’s what happens. Anyways, I got into the NYC Tri!

From the NYC Tri website

It’s not completely random. I’ve been thinking about it since I did my first half-marathon two years now. JackRabbit used to have a partnership with guaranteed entry (like $550 including registration and training program) but last year it seems that they discontinued it. Luckily they still have their regular training program for the NYC tri.  

In case you were wondering, the NYC Tri consists of 40K (24.85 miles) bike ride, 1500 meter swim (.93 miles), and a 10K run. Two things scare me: road bikes and open water swimming.  When I lived in Boston I used to ride my bike everywhere but it was a mountain bike so it was heavy. 

So what’s my game plan for the NYC Tri? Well I definitely want to train to PR my half this spring before getting into Tri training but I’m thinking some swimming lessons.  I really haven’t done long endurance swimming since college. Also, hoping to join JackRabbit for their training program.

I’ve been doing my research so here’s some of my favorite NYC Triathlon recaps & articles:
Preppy Runner
You Signed Up For What
Triathlete Beginner Kit: The Bike
10 Tips for First-Time Triathletes

Any tips for a first-timer triathlete? Has anyone done the NYC Tri? Is the Hudson River that scary?!

3 thoughts on “So I’m doing the NYC Triathlon

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