What is free time? Winter Break Goals

Don’t you ever get the feeling that time is just passing you by and you had no idea why?

I mostly blame law school. The semester finished on Tuesday with my 3.5 hour contracts final. I’m slowly getting myself out of the law school bubble and into the holiday spirit.

I stopped today on my way to work to snap a pic (at the New York Stock Exchange).

Even though I’ve been a stressed out mess since Thanksgiving, some good things have happened lately: I’m BibRavePro AGAIN for 2015, I’m now an EnergyBits ambassador! (review coming soon – use my code “JUNGLE” for 30% discount), and my Christmas present to myself came in the mail! 

I’ve wanted this race shirt quilt for soooooooooo long!

Because I don’t have a real winter break (I may be off from school but I still have a full-time job), I feel like a free woman! So until classes start up again on January 12th, here’s my winter “break” to-do list:

From the Jost Running website
  1. Run a real race – I’m doing the NYC Runs Hot Chocolate 10K this Sunday. I haven’t done ANY outdoor running since the marathon. Just Barry’s Bootcamp classes because it’s literally down the street from my law school. 
  2. Run a virtual race – I found Jost Running on Twitter and was checking out their website. It’s an interesting concept as they ONLY host virtual races. I mean the whole point is to race
  3. Try some new classes like Refine or 305 fitness– So 305 is a big MAYBE. I hate dance classes but it does look cool and they have a 3 classes for $36 dollar deal. Refine has a BOGO deal and just opened a West Village studio so I don’t have to trek all the way up to the UES or UWS. Sadly none of these classes are on ClassPass. Of the classes on ClassPass, Drill Fitness and Tone House are definitely on my to-do list.
  4. Hit up all my favorite fitness classes – In the past 4 months, I’ve really stayed close to work/school/home to workout (for the 1x/week Uplift workout) so I haven’t been old favorites on ClassPass like Body Space Fitness, City Row, Exhale and Throwback Fitness. 
  5. Meet up with old friends – I’m bad at this.  Really bad. My friend is a cop in my neighborhood and I haven’t seen him in 2 years ahh but we’ll be meeting up next week. 
  6. Find a NYC half training plan – A half-marathon PR needs to happen in 2015. Anyone got suggestions on training plans?
  7. Try at least 2 new restaurants – I tried SweetGreen yesterday and love it so much, I had it for dinner tonight.  When I’ve gone out to eat this past semester, it’s been at the same places (but when you have limited time – do you really want to spend $$ & time on something that may suck?).  

  8. Cook (maybe) –  I got a bunch of spices from FitBlogNYC that I have tried yet – specifically for baked veggies and a soup. I also got a garlic spice from Liz after I did her nutrition program back in the summer (probably good with meat). 
  9. Catch up on some blog reading – I use Bloglovin for this purpose but not all bloggers use it. 
    So I follow 71 blogs on BlogLovin but it’s not enough!

  10. Do touristy, holiday stuff – Like go to MoMa or ice skating in Bryant Park. Instead of presents this year, the boy and I are doing a wine tour in NYC through City Wine Tours (which seems like it’s a tourist trap {read: something most locals don’t do} but we found a Groupon…). 
What’s on your winter break/holiday to-do list other than buying/wrapping presents? Anyone have any good half-marathon training plans?

If you’re NYC based, what things would you add to my to-do list?

3 thoughts on “What is free time? Winter Break Goals

  1. Hooray! Glad to hear your semester is wrapped up – I'm sure it makes it much easier to breathe easy, at least for the “break.”

    I'm using one of RunKeeper's half marathon plans and I'm really liking it so far.

    Also, one of my favorite activities in NYC over the winter is to scope out a new bagel place. There's nothing quite like a lightly toasted bagel with whatever toppings you like and a hot cup of coffee, especially post-run! Most of my friends / family who live in New York actually go here on a regular basis (so not *too* touristy) but the Union Square Farmer's Market is pretty fun. I like stopping through when I'm in town to see what's new.


  2. Ah I've heard good things about RunKeeper. I need to check it out.

    I love the Union Square Market but its pretty much insanity this time of the year. LOL.

    I completely agree about bagel places. I think I've tried every bagel place in the the vicinity of work & home. haha


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