Review: Justin’s

Disclaimer: I received a Justin’s to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I’ve never actually had almond butter on it’s own until Justin’s.  I’ve had almond butter in lots of smoothies and I’ve had Justin’s chocolate peanut butter cups a bunch of times. 

Apples + Justin’s = most of my breakfasts 🙂 
Thanks to BibRave I got 6 cases (10 1.5 ounce packets) of Justin’s in three flavors: classic almond butter, chocolate hazelnut, and maple.  


I loved all of them – although I was pleasantly surprised.  Almond wasn’t sweet at all, hazelnut wasn’t as sweet as expected and maple was better and sweeter than expected.  I don’t know where my expectations were but I was really surprised by how much I loved the maple. I didn’t think I would like the maple at all but it is my favorite! 

As for taste, the difference between this and peanut butter – there’s no gritty after taste with almond butter.  With peanut butter, there is this weird…after taste? Or maybe like the taste of sand in your mouth? It’s not quite as smooth as almond butter. (If you want to read about the differences in taste and health benefits, check out this article from Well + Good).


Work snack drawer!
Packets are amazing for a few things: they’re easy to take with you on the go, you can eat them anywhere like the subway platform, you can have them before and during a race, eat them during a law school final….you name it, it can go with you. 

And yes, I’ve eaten these in all of the situations above.  The nice thing about almond butter is that it holds you over. I had two packets before 2 different law school finals (3-3.5 hrs at night – starting at 6pm) and I wasn’t hungry or tired during the final (there is a reason why almonds are called brain food…).

I’ve had these packets on runs (regular almond) and before a race (hazelnut). They are perfect for runs but definitely drink water with it. Although smoother than peanut butter, they still remind me of running gels, which are recommended to be taken with water. 

Do I recommend it?

I consider this stuff highly addictive and lucky for me – it isn’t cheap (case of 10 packets is about $12 or just getting a jar is also $12). Almonds aren’t as cheap as peanuts and they’re kinda caloric (hazelnut is 180 calories while maple is 190 calories per packet).  That being said, Justin’s is all-natural with it’s sustainably sourced palm fruit oil. 

I’ve gone on a few shopping trips to Whole Foods where I’ve been staring at the jars of Justin’s but need to walk away (I don’t have self control with jars of Justin’s maple almond butter…I really don’t). 

Packets are perfect because it will stop me from eating the whole jar. A lot of places (at least in NYC) do sell Justin’s by the jar or their chocolate cups. You can order their packets online (free shipping over $59!). While you’re on their website, check out their’s epic food porn (which is how I would describe their Instagram page too).

Have you tried Justin’s? What are your thoughts? What’s your favorite flavor?! I heard vanilla was good too.
Screen shot of their recipe page

2 thoughts on “Review: Justin’s

  1. Mmm, Justin's! I buy the packets on occasion for pre-race mornings – as you mentioned, it's a good snack and I like that I don't need to worry about bringing an entire jar of PB with me. I especially like it on an English muffin with a banana.

    If you get a chance, I love their dark chocolate peanut butter cups. They're like a classy, grown-up Reese's.


  2. I've been eating so many apples but I like the idea of english muffins too. I haven't tried dark chocolate peanut butter – I do love the milk chocolate though! And I agree – completely classy Reese's! haha


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