Just say NO to resolutions

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a really great New Year’s/holiday week.  The roomies and I threw a party in the apartment and I do have to say it was the best New Year’s Eve I’ve had.

Roommates and some dudes (just kidding the two standing are boyfriends…and I don’t know who the other guy is)

NO to New Year’s resolutions, YES to getting s*** done 

Let’s take a peek at my 2014 “resolutions” – they were all attainable (except that half-marathon PR….I was just so close at the NYC Half). As for 2014, it was a good year…A LOT of stuff happened and great stuff for running (read my 2014 running recap here) although no PRs. Lots of opportunities but also a few disappointments (I had a really upsetting dream last night about a lost opportunity from a few months ago…go figure). Regardless, I’m ready to move forward.

I kinda hate New Year’s Resolutions – for me, a year is too long to keep my attention so I much prefer short-term goals.  My brain is just wired for short-term goals in general (i.e. high school & college crew training started in January, racing season went March through May, academic calendars are broken down by semesters, etc.). I also like calling things “to-do lists” instead of resolutions…maybe because I’m more likely to complete my to-do list?

sorry guys, I love Someecards!

That being said, I’m doing quite well with my winter break goals including going to new studios.  So far I’ve tried out BFX Studios, Drill Fitness, Mile High Run Club, and SLT.  Tomorrow I’m going to 305 Fitness and Refine Studios. Don’t worry, class reviews will be coming!

Cooking was another winter goal and I’m a bit obsessed. I found Budget Bytes last week and love her blog. Even made sesame chicken and quinoa tabbouleh last night and I don’t think I can ever go back to restaurant sesame chicken ever again (my version is a lot healthier).  Planning on making the sweet chili shrimp tomorrow since I have so much leftover brown rice.

Seriously way better than restaurant stuff.

I even made homemade chocolate chip cookies and threw in discounted holiday M&Ms and Hershey Kisses for good measure for my New Year’s party (used a coworker’s recipe for the cookies!)

Back to 2015…I have a few things on my to-do list including: a marathon and half-marathon PR, my first triathlon (the NYC Triathlon!), and trying new fitness things (like a 21-day Beachbody challenge hosted by my old college crew coach, Anna, who’s not only a full-time attorney but also a Beachbody coach – more on this soon!).

Even though I have a 2015 to-do list, my main goal is to take it to the next level – both in fitness and my career. I obviously have a plan for the fitness part but as for the career part…well, it’s a bit tricky as I’m not a traditional law student or just a paralegal. 
Are you a New Year’s Resolution type of person? Do you prefer short-term goals like me? What are your goals/resolutions/to-do lists for 2015? 

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