All Of The Classes

In the past few weeks, I finally checked out a few NYC studios that I’ve been wanting to try out for months. Here are my reports:

(I didn’t bother taking pics when I visited because I figured they’d all have better photos on their websites but it was hard to find one good picture of each of the studios online…go figure) 

BFX Studio 

BFX Studio is operated by the same company that runs New York Sports Clubs. They are a large boutique fitness studio that only offers classes and personal training.  Through ClassPass, I checked out two classes: FusionRide and Ride Republic. FusionRide is 30 minutes barre and 30 minutes spin while Ride Republic is a 45 minute spin class. 
It’s a gorgeous studio – I would most definitely put it up there with Equinox’s studios.  The spin room is huge and most definitely larger than any SoulCycle studio room I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to most of SC’s NYC studios).  In the front of the room, there are two large screens that don’t show music videos but kinda give the spin room a club vibe.  The moving images remind me of a laptop screen saver. Also, stadium seating so even if you’re in the back row, you can still see the instructor.
FusionRide is 30 minutes barre and 30 minutes spin. The barre portion was first the day I went although I think the instructor, Colin, said that it’s usually second. The barre portion was your typical barre class with what felt like an extended standing barre section. By the time I got on the bike for the second half, my legs were hurting so bad.  It didn’t matter though – we did sprints and hills through the second half. It was brutal especially when he showed us our power stats on the screen.

Perfect for: A class junkie who wants every single class possible under one roof
Pros: all the classes you need under one roof + it’s on ClassPass + showers + lockers
Cons: classes are large and reminded me of my gym going (NYSC + Equinox) days

305 Fitness

I’ve only gone once and I love it.  I bought their 3 class for $36 intro deal and have been meaning to try this out for a while.  Let me tell you that I HATE dance classes. I’ve only liked one Zumba class I’ve ever tried.  305 is sorta like Zumba but on steroids.  It’s just bananas.  There’s a live DJ in an elevated DJ booth at the front of room, the studio is gorgeous and crazy (there’s a neon “girls, girls, girls” strip club sign out front) and lots of neon lighting everywhere.  It literally felt like a club going experience and it was so much fun.

The 55-minute class goes FAST. I mean fast. There’s all the dancing that gets you sweaty then you stop for 5 minutes to focus on arms or legs then more dancing. I went on arms day and we did ballet/barre light weighted movements which were brutal. Also, Hannah, the instructor’s energy, was really like nothing I have ever seen before and I’ve taken so many fitness classes.

So this is the back wall of the studio – source.

Perfect for: someone who wants cardio but doesn’t want to get on a spin bike/rower/treadmill, someone who really wants to let loose and have fun in class and/or needs awesome music to do anything
Pros: it’s really fun and sweaty, you really don’t realize you’re working out, the live DJ is amazing, being in the studio is like being on a completely different planet
Cons: you might feel like an idiot during class because it moves fast, pricey and not on ClassPass

Refine Method

This has been on my to-do list for a year but they only had studios uptown (UES + UWS) until November when they opened their West Village studio! They had both a 2 for 1 intro special for $34 and a one month special for $150 for new students so I got both after really enjoying the first class.

The West Village classes are 50 minutes long and go by really fast (I think their uptown classes are an hour).  Class consists of a warm up, mini circuits with a cardio burst (each circuit done 3x), an abs section, then cool down. They utilize a lot of different things to get your workout in like the contraption in the background of the pic below and sliders (you place “gloves” over your sneakers and slide which really burns and reminds me of pilates reformers).  It has a little bit of everything – cardio, toning, strength.  I wouldn’t say it’s one over the other. I wasn’t as sweaty as I was in 305 but there was an obvious burn there.


Perfect for: someone who wants it all in one class, someone who loves small classes, and small studios – their west village location isn’t at all cramped or crazy at all.
Pros: they offer monthly memberships including 3 month ones, classes are small so you get lots of attention (all the classes I’ve attended didn’t have more than 5 people in each class).
Cons: it’s in West Village but it’s about a 10 minute walk from the W 4th station and kinda feels like a long walk because West Village is confusing. 

Mile High (Run) Club

MHRC offers two types of classes – DASH 28 and The Distance.  I took Dash 28 with my roommate and it was not what I was expecting. I guess I was expecting Barry’s Bootcamp with the yelling and screaming and it wasn’t that – it was a really challenging but supportive.  It’s a lot less intimidating for people who 1) have never tried treadmill or boutique fitness classes 2) hate running on the treadmill.

I hate running on the treadmill and I wasn’t sure how I would like almost 30 minutes of running on the treadmill (Dash 28 is a 45 minute class with 26-28 minutes on the treadmill plus strength on the floor with kettle bells for the remainder of the class as opposed to The Distance class  which is 1 hour and it’s 50 minutes on the tread with the remainder is strength and stretching). The treadmill portion felt long even though it was only 28 minutes but since the class was only 45 minutes it was bearable. My roomie, my sister and I all really enjoyed the classes there – challenging but not insane and perfect if you don’t want to train in the cold. I’ll be trying out the Distance in a few days so I’ll be reporting back about that class!

Source: MHRC Facebook

Perfect for: experienced runners and beginners alike, people who hate running in the cold
Pros: supportive and not intimidating in the way Barry’s Bootcamp can be – lots of options if you aren’t a fast or experienced runner in terms of modifications of level on the treadmill
Cons: Classes are pricey – $34 per class and can get crazy during peak hours, the music system didn’t seem that great or loud

Have you tried out any of the studios above? What studios should I try next?

8 thoughts on “All Of The Classes

  1. I would like on this moving images remind me of a laptop screen saver. Also, stadium seating so even if you're in the back row, you can still see the instructor.


  2. I'd really like within this going graphics tell everyone of any notebook computer tv screen saver. Likewise, arena seating and so whether or not you will be from the returning row, you possibly can however view the tutor.


  3. Wow look so fantastic! What a pity that after having a baby, I didn't have enough time to take exercise. However, I started riding with my 4 year old daughter regularly not only to teach her to ride a balance bike, but also to get into shape.


  4. Thanks for sharing this with us, quite informative and paints a picture of how the classes might go. All that's left really is to pick from the list. And because I can get a bit crazy, I might take you up on 305 Fitness.


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